Project Appraisal Questionnaire

ProjectAppraisal Questionnaire

ProjectAppraisal Questionnaire

ProjectConcept and Strategy, Cleveland Fitness Centre

a.Was the CFC Phoenix project well perceived?

TheCFC Phoenix project was well perceived. First, the directors of theCFC center were involved in major decision-making, implying that atthe end of the discussions, everyone was satisfied that his/heropinion had been put into consideration(Parker &amp Downie, 2014).Second, the decisions made were going to positively influence thecenter’s productivity, for they were introducing new equipment andbetter technology for its users. Third, the center was to be locatedwithin the CFC’s compound, implying that the initial costs ofbuying property somewhere else had been averted(Parker &amp Downie, 2014).Lastly, the director, Tom Grant had involved its current employees indecision making to make additional inputs and assume certain roles.

b.Cleveland Fitness Center real objectives that could and should bearticulated

Thecenter’s main objective was to expand the facility, promotediversification and to utilize the current technology in the deliveryof services to its customers in the facility.

c.What strategies were there to achieve these objectives?

Thestrategies that were available to fulfill these targets were: first,expand the facility, within its premise, a space area located next tothe center, second they were to expand the size of the changing roomsand showers(Parker &amp Downie, 2014).Third, they were to purchase new equipment that utilizedstate-of-the-art technology allowing users to track their progress,and feed the information into the personalized section of thecenter’s website(Parker &amp Downie, 2014).It also had to install air conditioning for the center according tothe environmental requirements and standards. I would haverecommended the center to fulfill one objective at a time, for itwould have allowed adequate time to plan for it and implement thestrategies instead of carrying them out at the same time, given thatthe center was already in existence.

d.Did they consider solutions?

Themanagement did not find its solutions in detail. They did not give anadequate thought on the issue, given that the directors came to anagreement in a day. They did not give each other a sufficient windowperiod to do an audit of what the priorities that required attention.They just relied on the thoughts of an ambitious young man, who wasnot experienced enough in matters of management(Parker &amp Downie, 2014).Tom Grant also did not outsource the project management team. He alsodid not consider having an external auditor to do a feasibility studyto determine if indeed it was necessary to expand the facility.

e.How would you gauge the project’s success?

Theproject did not succeed because it did not meet its targetobjectives. The project managers were overwhelmed with theimplementation plan, and additional staff was not recruited. Some ofthe facility staff were on vacation, at a time the project neededthem most. The success of the project would have been measured at theinitial planning stage (Kendrick,2015).Measuring it at that stage would have identified the futureshortcomings that would have faced the project due to inadequateplanning. It would have also evaluated the competence and theintegrity of the companies who had been contracted to carry out theconstruction processes (Kendrick,2015).The project participants would also have been assessed to identifytheir capacity in running the project.

ProjectScope, Cleveland Fitness Centre

a.Why do you suppose renovation of the mezzanine offices, changingrooms and showers were included in the project and was that a goodidea?

Sincethe facility was developing, it was necessary to renovate and expandthe available facilities to accommodate the clients who were expectedto sign in into the program. It was a good idea because it meant thatthe facility would be completely remodeled without missing a spot. Itwould also have demonstrated competency of the contractor and theproject managers.

b.Project scope statement

Toincrease the capacity of the center by modernizing, and expandingfacilities to benefit customers and diversify their interests.

RiskIdentification &amp Management, Cleveland Fitness Centre

a.How Dennis and Green (D&ampG) handled their risks

Dennis&amp Green (D&ampG) managed the risks they faced with raisingquestions and issues to the project management team. However, Bobrequired the assistance for the paperwork submitted to him, and TomGrant hired an Engineer Gary Jackson, who lacked training in projectmanagement(Parker &amp Downie, 2014).Though Gary had made progress in the design of the desired computersoftware D&ampG initially suggested that electrical bus-bar and theconnection points had to be procured directly. Their decision toinvolve the project managers in planning was not effective because itencouraged the involvement of other parties in their plans(Parker &amp Downie, 2014).Their move was not reasonable because it was not wise since thecontract was in control.

b.List Cleveland Fitness Center’s actual surprises and add otherpossible surprises. What was, or should have been done to prepare andrespond to them?

1.Change in electrical fittings, to increase the capacity forced thealready developed software to be re-written

2.Bob and Gary were also not conscious in reviewing and approvingthe site specifications that had been submitted to increase theproject capacity

3.Pete Johnson and Gary Jackson went on vacation at the time whenthe floor and manufacturing needed approval, delaying it for twoweeks.

4.The project lacked a meaningful completion plan in its finalstage, especially during equipment installation

5.The delivery scheduled also delayed for two weeks, delaying theconstruction.

6.During construction, problems emerged due to the initial change inelectrical bus-bars forcing increase of the new building by twometers.

7.Foundations were poured before catalog descriptions and otherspecification for training equipment had been received.

8.Relations on the site were strained when Gary decided to discussthe change of installations and air conditioning with Armistead ofDrew Plumbing without discussing them first with the project manager,Simon Timms of David Simpson Electricals Limited.

9.Bob Jones and Gary failed to follow up CBS to produce occupationallicense for the building

10.The local advertising newspaper disclosed the ailing company tothe public, and some of the members demanded their fees back.

11.The project is less likely to have completed.

12.CFC also lost its clients to the other competitors who hadestablished their presence in the community at the time it was ailing

Torespond to these shortcomings, the project management team shouldhave done adequate planning at the very initial stage(Kerzner, 2013).It should have been a very intensive activity, involving thedirectors, stakeholders, and the contractors of the project. Theplanning phase should also have overseen all the approvals of thebuilding plan and the fitments, including all the installations to bedone.

c.Werethere changes? What were the impacts.

Regardlessthe shortcomings, nothing much was done to rectify it. The projectmanagers spent money to resolve every situation, without effectiveplanning and involving the other management teams. The impactsincluded: overspending on the project, due to changes are done in theconstruction, delays, and hiring new contractors(Parker &amp Downie, 2014).The project also took a longer period than expected to complete. Italso led to the loss of clients to other competing fitness centers.The new equipment purchase into the center was also underutilized dueto low turnout of members.

d.What would you have done when you saw the project would not meet itsschedule?

Asa project manager, I would stop the project for a while, then revisitthe plan, and call for a meeting with stakeholders, directors,managers and contractors to discuss changes in the plan so as to meetthe project schedule (Kendrick,2015).It would also be wise to consider, the possible extension of thecontract, and negotiate the budget with the contractors.

Progress Monitoring &ampControl, Cleveland Fitness Centre

e.Project records were apparently poor. What records should you havekept and how?

Asa project manager, I would ensure all the records since the planningphase of the project were kept. This is to ensure that during projectmonitoring and evaluation, all the records are available for audit(Kendrick, 2015).It would also be convenient to identify the source of the problemduring either planning or implementation and trace the personresponsible. Records would have been kept in files and databases toensure easy retrieval. Photocopies of the original documents shouldhave been kept to avoid loss.


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