Professional development plan

Professionaldevelopment plan





1. Help my mentees explore their career paths

Jan: Conduct consultations from relevant professionals.

Feb: Research from online and library resources

March: Compile my research

Before April 2017

consultations, online and library resources

2. Be able to understand the process of distant learning, get through, and pass the classes currently enrolled in fall semester

Oct-Nov: Conduct extensive reading and research and attend all classes

By Nov 2016

Library resources and online services

3. To establish how MSN program going to support my career as a staff nurse

Oct-Nov: Analyze all aspects of MSN that promote my competence as a nurse

By Nov 2016

class work notes and library resources


Deliverresults:All initiatives are important to the community. Instead of devotingall resources and experienced leaders to top priorities, I woulddistribute my leaders to all projects and train my staff to ensurethey are leaders by themselves (Moir, 2012).

Developcapability:Ability comes with adequate skills. Rather than teaching basicimprovement skills, I would provide in-depth training to my staff andfocus on making them experts.

Createa vision and build will:Instead of channeling leadership to priority projects, I would trainall workers involved to be leaders. Being one’s leader is betterthan being lead.

Engageacross boundaries:As an organization’s leader, I would not only partner withcommunity providers but also national and international donors.

Drivenby persons and community:As a leader, I would make my improvement teams more diverse. I wouldengage patients, families, health professionals, donors and otherleaders to make the more person and community centered (Swensen,Pugh, McMullan, Kabcenell, &amp 2013).

ShapeCulture:As a leader, I would not only communicate and model the desiredbehavior but also lead as an example for my staff to emulate. It isthe best way to ensure the culture you want is passed on (Swensen,Pugh, McMullan, Kabcenell, &amp 2013).


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