Political Interview Paper


PoliticalInterview Paper

PoliticalInterview Paper

Thecontents of this week’s lessons impact the political climate bygiving ways of understanding the informational meanings of theinterviews. Specifically, the content about political interviewsgives the guideline to follow when evaluating the political nature ofthe interview. By classifying an interview as political, one is ableto allocate some importance and credibility to what a politician says(Andone,2013).At the same time, this week’s content impacts our daily experiencesof the politicians speaking in the media. By understanding thepolitical nature of the interviews, we are able to see howpoliticians address their agenda.

Froma personal point of view, I see politics in the media as theopportunistic interpretation of information, events and issues bypoliticians to favor themselves. Most politicians argue issues in amanner that puts them on the right, not the wrong side. Based on thisinterpretation, I would be interested in a career in politicalinterviewing. This is because I understand my view, and would be moreobjective in making politicians to speak and interpret the truth. Iwould be interested in asking objective questions to get the truthnot opinion.

Agood example of a political interview that interested my perceptionis that of SarahPalin by Katie Couric.In my opinion, the most influential part of the interview is thenonverbal reaction of Sarah Palin when asked about critical pointsabout McCain and the 2008 Republican campaign. A good example is whenshe was asked about the dealings of Rick Davis (CBSExclusive,2008). Here, the interview was critical and the integrity of theRepublican campaign was at stake. Therefore, she stood still andstopped walking with the interviewer. This nonverbal change ofpattern shows the impact of the interviewer’s pressure forinformation from the politician. In such a case, it is important tolook at the political nature of the answer given.


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