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Pickybars has several competitors including Pure bars and Bon breaker.Though the company has made significant inroads pertaining theconsumer targets, the competitors are also strengthening. In thatregard, competition is rife primarily due to Bon breaker and Purebar. The company’s products mainly target athletes in need of fuelduring workouts. With more than seven flavors including nutty sweet,blueberry muffin, and mocha hazelnut, it has a broad range ofconsumers. Most of its consumers are drawn from the social platformssuch as Twitter and Facebook. It has an appealing look even in thedifferent stores hence attracting customers. According to the CEO,the company’s sales increased by an estimated 45 percent over 2013.The natural aspects of the products also entice consumers intopurchasing them [ CITATION Pic16 l 1033 ].

Whencomparing the sales statistics between 2014 and 2015, there is asignificant improvement. The overall sales were up 37 percent withthe increase of new retail shops i.e. 153 new openings correspondingto 58% growth. However, expenses also increased leading to a decreasein the overall profits. Employee turnover has been one of thedetrimental factors to progress. For instance, in 2015 threeemployees moved on and had to be replaced. Such events haveconsiderable turnovers for a small company.

Thelack of communication and consistency in employee roles impactednegatively on the company. Nevertheless, the best remedy is toimprove the communication system within the enterprise. They shouldfocus on retaining the employees with appropriate systems andbenefits to make them happy. Keeping the employees will also boostcustomer retention. The company also had an issue with the clubshipping system. The move to alter the system flopped creating a badimage to the consumers. However, this can be mitigated by enhancingthe reliability of the website [ CITATION Pic16 l 1033 ].


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