Physics in Ultrasound, the Importance of Units and Metric Systems

Physicsin Ultrasound, the Importance of Units and Metric Systems

Physicsin Ultrasound, the Importance of Units and Metric Systems

Theconcept of ultrasound physics has become decisive in the field ofmedicine regarding diagnostics and therapeutic procedures, and thathas stressed the need to include it medicine courses. This essayexploits the significance of ultrasound in healthcare as well as theimportance of using units and learning the metric systems inultrasound physic.

First,it is pertinent for medical trainees to comprehend the physicalqualities of ultrasound waves as well the processes that bring aboutthe generation of images such that they can derive optimum images andprevent the potential errors of misdiagnosis. On that regard, it isimperative to teach learners about the units as well as the metricsinvolved to help in the precise detection and interpretation of soundwaves concerning their frequencies.

Understandinghow an ultrasound device works, or other, interpreting the soundwaves of frequencies beyond human hearing (frequencies between 3 to10 MHz) requires a sound knowledge of the metrics and units utilized.Hence, students are encouraged to familiarize with the primaryparameters used to describe the wave, i.e. wavelength, frequency,velocity, and intensity. The formula v = fl links velocity (v),frequency (f), and l(wavelength) where v is estimated to be 1540 m/sin the soft tissues and the unit for f is in Hz while that of l is inmeters (m) (Carovac, Smajlovic &amp Junuzovic, 2011). The ultrasounddevice uses a whole range of wavelengths because ultrasonic waves areoften refracted, reflected, scattered, or absorbed as the wavespenetrate the different tissues. Whereas the abdominal examinationsutilize the frequency of about 3Hz, the tests involving children,neck region, and breast make use of 5Mhz or 7Mhz or higher dependingon the prevailing conditions (Carovac et al., 2011). By clarifyingthe above units and metrics and the formula that links them, it isunlikely to report errors in their future involvement with ultrasoundphysics in disease diagnosis and treatment.


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