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Restrictivevoting laws, weak political parties, lack of a preferred candidate,unfulfilled promises, and the income levels, the age, and theethnicity of many citizens are the main reasons for low voter turnoutin Texas. Changing the voter registration process, mobilization, andeducating Texans on the importance of voter registration would helpincrease voter turnout in the region. After all, it is important forcitizens to participate in the voting exercise because it offers theonly means of registering an opinion regarding the operations of thegovernment.

TheFederal laws prohibit voter registration deadline exceeding thirtydays before the elections take place. Texas follows this rule lockingout same-day registration thus denying the Texans the opportunity tomake last minute decision on voting as the states with high voterturnout do (Aldashev 530). In many cases, the Texans feel that thevoting process will not have any impact on their lives since that hasbeen the case over the years making them find it unnecessary to vote(Aldashev 545). Again, the candidates asking for votes do notinterest the Texans. Instead, Texans’ concern is on the issues athand affecting them such as employment, and good healthcare whichthey believe are not achievable through voting from past experiences(Aldashev 550). Income, age, and ethnicity are predictors of whetheran individual will engage in the voting process with the poor andminority groups highly unlikely of voting (Kim 15). A majority of theTexans are young and non-whites with low levels of income reducingtheir chances of engaging in the voting process. Most politicalparties dominating the region are weak with fewer campaigns and votermobilization because there is no competition in the state (Kim 15).The Texans thus, lack necessary mobilization to vote which makes theTexas State to register low voter turnout.

TexasState needs to change the existing laws on voter registration toallow voter registration during the Election Day to increase voterturnout. Other platforms such as online registration of electorswithout unnecessary restrictions could also boost voter turnout.Voter mobilization and education to make the Texans understand theimportance of voting could also have a great impact on improvingvoter turnout in the region.

Engagingin voting in the national, state, and local elections are crucial forcitizen because it is the only opportunity to voice and registertheir opinions on the manner in which the government operates.


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