Personal Goals and Objectives



PersonalGoals and Objectives

An immersionproject, in Immokalee, Florida, will provide an excellent opportunityfor me to use my knowledge in a practical context. The group in focusis a special one since it consists of immigrants who earn less than$20,000 and may be unable to access quality healthcare. My major goalduring this period would be to use the skills and education that Ihave acquired in nursing school to address some of the challengesthat the community experiences. As a health worker, I will try tocomprehend some of the issues that people from the community gothrough and will offer amicable solutions to address them.

I will also seekto interact with some of the vulnerable members of this society andrespond to some of the challenges that they may have. These groupsinclude women, children, and the elderly. Since they are illegalimmigrants, they are unable to find well-paying jobs hence theinability to cater for some of their basic needs. They will thus haveunmet health needs which may affect their quality of life.


I intend to getan excellent understanding of some of the issues surrounding thecommunity. An expansion of my knowledge in community health will thusbe one of the primary objectives that I seek to achieve after the endof this period. Immokalee, Florida has a small population where I canget to know some of the communal aspects that influence theircommunal life through interacting with the people from thiscommunity. Acquiring this knowledge will help me interact with othercommunities and be able to solve health challenges at the communitylevel. I also aim to use my health knowledge acquired in school togenerate ideas about how we can address some of the health issuesthat people from this region face. This is possible through creatingsome initiatives and programs to address the critical issues thatindividuals in the community face. One of my fundamental objectiveswill be to educate the vulnerable members of this society concerningsome of the plights that they face. For example, mothers in theregion have reported congenital disabilities that arise from theircontact with pesticide in tomato fields (Navarro et al., 2011).

As a communitywith little economic means, it is imperative for them to understandsome of the factors that adversely impact their lives. The inabilityto access or use family planning methods, for example, may beincreasing the birth of children with defects. I thus seek to changesome of the attitudes that the community has over sensitive healthtopics such as the use of contraceptives. I also aim to understandsome of the practical aspects of nursing such as administeringmedicines and taking care of patients. The community immersion willgive me a good platform to exercise these skills as I will beinteracting with the sick and other healthcare professions.


The immersionproject to Immokalee will offer an opportunity to interact with thecommunity and fellow health workers. It will also be a chance for meto learn some of the practical aspects of nursing. I have set twogoals which include using my skills and knowledge to address some ofthe challenges in that community and interacting with vulnerablemembers of each community to be able to understand their plight. Mycognitive objectives include increasing my knowledge, generatingideas to solve challenges and educating the community. Changing theattitude of the immigrants on certain topics will be my affectiveobjective while engaging in the practical aspects of nursing will bemy aim in the psychomotor domain.


Navarro, K., Janssen, S., Nordbrock, T., &amp Solomon, G. (2011).Health Alert: Disease Clusters Spotlight the Need to ProtectPeople from Toxic Chemicals. Natural Resources Defense Council:New York, NY, USA.