2016Patient Safety Goals in Behaviour Health Patients

IdentifyingIndividuals with risk of Suicide

It is importantto protect patients who are at risk of committing suicide. This is soeven though they are under the care of a well-staffed facility. Arisk assessment should be assessed to identify any characteristicsthat the individual possesses that increase his or her risk ofsuicide. The immediate safety needs should then be addressed, and thepatient managed with the most appropriate treatment. An importantthing to do is to provide suicide prevention information to theindividual with a suicide risk or to the members of his or her family(The Joint Commission, 2016).

Maintainingaccurate medication for the patient

Any discrepancyin the drug given to patients can affect the outcome of the medicalproblem. If there is a proper reconciliation of the medication beforeit is administered to the patient, the discrepancies can beidentified and resolved early enough. This reconciliation entailsdrug interactions and needs to continue with the treatment.Information about the medicines being given to the patient should becommunicated to either the patient or family members of the patient(The Joint Commission, 2016).

Reducingthe risk of infections

Many peopleacquire infections while receiving treatment services in health careorganization. The most notable area to address that significantlyreduces this risk is hand hygiene. Hand hygiene guidelines should befollowed as stipulated by the World health organization and theCentre for Disease Control and Prevention.

Improvingthe Accuracy of Identification of Patients

Correctidentifiers of individuals that have been served in a health facilityare very important in ensuring patient protection. Specimencollection and drug administration require proper identification. Itis thus very crucial to use a minimum of two identifiers. Therationale behind this is that the patient is protected from wrongtreatment. Identifies reliably identify the patient to whom treatmentis intended and matches the service to the particular individual (TheJoint Commission, 2016).


The Joint Commisssion. (2016). 2016 National patient safety goals. the joint commission.