Thepaper shall put focus on the following areas:

Thissection shall aim to orient the reader to the topic under discussionwhich is basically monopolistic competition and its features. Itshall put more focus on the reason as to why it is important todiscuss the given topic.

  1. Overview of monopolistic competitions

Thissection touches on the element that makes monopolistic competitiondifferent from other types with the view of making one have a cue ofthe issue under discussion. The reader will, therefore, find it easyto follow through the entire document as it will lead from known tounknown.

  1. Advertising

Thissection will explain the importance that advertising holds inmonopolistic competitions given the fact that they are normally verystiff and require ingenious efforts so as to make an entity remainabreast and ahead of others in the market.

  1. Features of monopolistic competitions

Thearea delves deep into different characteristics of monopolisticcompetition with the view of making one have a thorough understandingof the issue. He may also be able to understand the issues that suchcompetitions face in the industry.

  1. Basic strategies of constructing monopolistic competitions

Thissection explains how monopolistic competitions may be established tomore advanced stages.

  1. Applications in monopolistic competitions

Thesection highlights the measures that may be put into use undermonopolistic competitions.

  1. Conclusion

Thepaper concludes with restating the importance of monopolisticcompetitions and providing an overview of what they look like withneed to remind the reader about the subject matter.