Outline Plot


  1. Plot

  1. The plot describes the flow of the short story. It begins with Clark receiving a letter from his uncle to meet his aunt Georgina on arrival and ends with Aunt Georgina`s refusal to go back home after attending the orchestra.

  2. The plot also has a few flashbacks as the narrator describes the flow of events leading up to the position his aunt finds herself in currently.

  1. Characters

  1. This part describes the three important individuals in the story. These are the people actively participating in the story such as Clark who is the narrator and the characters whose stories are narrated – this is Georgina and Howard.

  1. Clark`s point of view

  1. This part brings to light how Clark sees his aunt Georgina and what she has become.

  2. It describes his thoughts from the moment he sees her at arrival and the kind of woman that he remembers her to be.

  1. Reason for choosing the orchestra

  1. Clark has his reasons for choosing to take his aunt to the orchestra so that she can watch the performance by Richard Wagner in Boston.

  2. To some extent, he wants her to enjoy music once again and repay her for the good things she made happen in his life.

  1. Reaction to the orchestra

  1. Aunt Georgina is very emotional during the orchestra. She seems to remember playing the piano and is carried away by the music until she remembers how much she once loved the music.

  1. Themes

  1. Love and isolation are the two main themes covered in the short story. These two themes are intensely related to the life experience of Georgina and explain the consequences of her actions.