Othelloby Shakespeare


Othelloby Shakespeare

Othellois the protagonist in the book “Othello” by Shakespeare. He is acombination of greatness and weakness. He is the general in theVenetian forces. Othello struggles with insecurities about his lovelife. Othello has insecurities about the love Desdemona has for himhe thinks she will leave him for a better man.

Othellohas come to live in Venice heis confrontedby a high level ofsophistication from the people in the city. When Senator Brabantioinvites him to his house,the life of comfort, intelligentconversations level of civilization impresses Othello (Shakespeare2012). He employs a student of military knowledge to be hislieutenant. Othello sees the possibility that he can become one ofthe sophisticated people he met. Othello is confronted byinsecurities about his love when Lago drives him to jealousy Othellofaces a personal problem he has insecurities about love. The problemis common even in real life that is why it is the focus of thisessay.

Othello’sinsecurities are evident when he thinks that Cassio is the man manyVenetian women would like to marry instead of him. He is waiting forDesdemona to realize that he made a mistake marrying him. InShakespeare (2012), Lago drives Othello to jealousy when he tells himthat Desdemona’s love for him was too good to be true. Othello doesnot try to address his problem of insecurity about love. He fails inmatters of marriage. Othello should trust himself more and dismissany insecurity he may feel about himself.

Othellois a courageous man in battle and portrays an outward appearance of aconfident man. This is just what he wants people to believe abouthim, he is insecure about himself he thinks he is not worthDesdemona’s love. He thinks that Cassio is a better man than he is.Othello waits for Desdemona to leave him.


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