Organizational Development



Organizationaldevelopment is the proper use of the resources in an organization toimprove effectiveness and increase production. Corporate developmentis very useful in our contemporary organizations since it helps insolving the challenges affecting a firm by analyzing and looking forthe most suitable ways of addressing issues. The organizationaldevelopment also enables a firm to apprehend with the changing globalmarkets (Anderson, 2012). Therefore, for an organization to surviveand flourish it must create good relations with the customers.

Organizationalimprovement helps in managing its substantial human resources whichcontributes much to business’s success or failure where the workersare appreciated for good output and performance and in turn give thema sense of achievement. The employees, therefore, become efficientand good time managers on work. Organizational improvement helps inacquiring an accelerated rate of change by identifying thecompetitions on an international scale for people, capital, andresources which can be achieved by considering an open approachsystem (Anderson, 2012). It also helps a business to prepare for orimplement change by training employees about the newly developedbusiness or technology, explicitly focusing on the change process andstart it as a custom.

Employmentengagement is one of the organizational improvements. A companyprovided a questionnaire to the employees to express how they feelabout their jobs, working in teams and a company at large (Anderson,2012). Some of the survey questions included do you know the goalsof the broader organization? Is there any link between the company’sgoal and your work? Are you comfortable in working in teams? Doesteamwork encourage you to offer the best? Are you satisfied with theroles and responsibilities assigned to your position? If notsatisfied what would you want to be done? After the workers hadfilled the questionnaires, the management used them fororganizational improvements by making positive changes where requiredand now the company has increased outputs. All the employees maximizetheir time in offering the best for the company.


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