Nursing Tools and Equipment Can Be Used To Enhance Mobility In Other Areas Of Life.

NursingTools and Equipment Can Be Used To Enhance Mobility In Other Areas OfLife.

Theinductive approach to theory generation is also called inductivereasoning. It involves looking at occurrences or activities, in one’ssurrounding, and coming up with theories related to the observationsmade. The inductive approach thus involves looking for patterns byexamining activities or events, so as to build theories to explainobservations. Through the inductive approach, this article seeks todocument the observations made at a supermarket and come up with anursing related theory.

Observationsat the supermarket

Atthe supermarket parking area, there were reserved parking spaces forthe disabled. At the entrance to the supermarket, there was a ramp.Customers on wheelchairs used it. Next to the entrance, there was anelectric powered wheelchair which is for disabled customers, so thatthey do not have to bring along their wheelchairs. The supermarketalso had elevators next to staircases and centrally locatedescalators. The disabled customers were able to move from one shoplevel to another without assistance from other shoppers.

Motorizedwheelchairs and ramps are things normally associate and used inhospitals and nursing homes. Their use in supermarkets could meanthat supermarkets are investing in making the shopping experiencebetter for those who cannot walk. They are using some of the toolsnurses employ in hospitals, like the wheelchair to do so. Hospitalsand nursing homes use wheelchairs and ramps to move patientscarefully without further injuring them (Johanssonand Chinworth, 2012).&nbspFrom the observations, one theory that may emerge is: Nursing toolsand equipment can be used to enhance mobility in other areas of life.


Severalother theories may also arise from the observations. It is onlythrough qualitative and quantitative research that researchersestablish if a theory is true or false.


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