My Career Goals

MyCareer Goals

MyCareer Goals

Ihave desired to become a teacher for as long as I can remember. Irecollect volunteering to explain a question to other students inclass. I admired my teacher the most, because of how she interactedwith us in class, making sure that everyone understood in details thetopic before proceeding. She would also use some of her time to tutorus after classes when we came across a difficult subject or topic.Her passion and drive prompted me to become like her. To achieve thatdream, I enrolled for a teaching course and joined a school programdesigned to help students read and do mathematics. The program hashelped more than two thousand students with math and readingchallenges. The joy exhibited in their faces when they overcome thesechallenges encourages me to continue with the program.

Apartfrom helping other people, the program also connects me with mycareer goals. As a teacher, it is important to learn how to connectwith all students. Sometimes teachers come across students, whoseunderstand is much slower than others. Therefore, it is important tolearn how to handle such students rather than concentrating on thefast learners. The program has helped me handle different types ofstudents and cater for their needs without making them feel bad abouttheir situation. Sometimes, some of them lack the courage to read oreven face their classmates (Klingner, Vaughn, and Boardman, 2015).Such students require motivation and encouragement rather thanrebuke. I am still learning how to help different students, but Ihave made significant progress compared to my first days. Besides,the knowledge I attain from the program will be beneficial in my planof opening an after-school program designed to help more students toreach the achievements.

Ispend most of my time in school, especially when I am notvolunteering in the program. The journey has been difficult becauseof financial difficulties. However, I decided to work instead ofasking tuition fees from my parents. I am currently working in twodifferent jobs to pay for my tuition and other personal expenses. Iknow that the sacrifices I am making at the moment are valuable, notonly because I can pay for my tuition, but because they have shapedme into a better person. I know how to manage my finances rather thanspending my money on insignificant things.

Moreover,I value education because it is the only thing that can help meachieve my dreams. For this reason, I save every coin to ensure thatI purchase every textbook required in the course. I also ensure thatI do not miss any lesson. Currently, I am saving some money because Iwant to transfer to another school close to my apartment. I have totake two buses to reach my current school, which cost me addedtransport money. Transferring to a nearby teaching school will helpme save more money.

Lastly,a family is the most important thing in life since it gives usmotivation when we feel like giving up. My family has encouraged meto continue pursuing my dreams. My parents have sacrificed themselvesto ensure that I do not lack tuition fees when my financial situationgets worse. Therefore, working hard is the only gift I can givemyself and my family in life.


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