Movie Review in Matrix

MovieReview in Matrix

Platowas a philosopher and Greek intellectual who had a great impact onthe thinking of humans. He emerged during the Greek Golden Age. Hewas a studentand a teacher of Socrates. His theories about the universe and theworld have become popular in society. His concepts and depiction ofthe world’s situation in his Cave Allegory significantlyreflectin modern pop culture such as film, TV literature among others.Philosophical inquiries and scientific arguments area clear viewin Allegory perspective. The study aims at analyzing howPlato’sideas areintroducedand expressed in the movie &quotMatrix.&quot

InPlatonism,there are two worlds, the real world,and the matrix virtual world. The two worlds are divided separately,and their ontological relationship is defined on the dependenceof the latter. The beholder is always not in doubt the world he orshe is watching based on the level of the image or the storyline. Inmost cases,there is no doubt which world is an illusionor correct.Thus, it becomes impossible to resist the interpretation of the redbluepill (Kato 20). Morpheus makes his approach to Neoin a way that is philosophical asking him questions that areself-explanatory and clear. Here Morpheus tells Neothe painful truth that the matrix world is hiding from their eyes.Thetruth is that just like the rest ofthe people, Neois also a slave. Morpheus explains and tells Neothat he is a prisoner of his mind because he doubts his abilities andsenses.

Accordingto the Platonic elements, the matrixworld is nothing but an imagination where the truth ishiddenfrom the people and men are slaves to the machines in control. Menhave beenimprisonedthat they cannot see what is right in front of them. In Matrix,Morpheus says that there is an evil genius who is controllingeverything and everyone around. One who finds themselves in theMatrixbegins to doubt if their body exists, they doubt if they ever dream,they doubt their senses and also their abilities. In the world ofMatrixif one doubts their senses and abilities they doubt everything andcannot wake up, like Morpheus. With a few awokenin the Matrix,the mere thought of freedom for men becomes an illusion (Kato 20).

Likethe philosopher Plato, a body cannot live separately with the mind.For anormalhealthy person, the body and mind need to live and work hand in hand.Morpheus states that for one to be complete, the soul and body mustbe wholetoo. The main reason for Matrix is toseparate the mind from the body completely.In the first matrix film, men aretaughtphysical exercises and martial arts whose primarypurpose is to show them that in the Matrixworld, the body they know has no value and is not a body at all.Italso shows them that the mind does not depend on the body in thevirtual world of the Matrix.


Inthe Matrix,the evil genius wants men to learn how to live in a virtual world.Theworldwhere everyone and everything man does iscontrolled.That no one is free,and everyone is a slave to their mind and thoughts. According to thePlatonic ideas and elements, one can only be a prisonerif they doubt their abilities, senses,and dreams (Kato20).


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