Mother Tongue Questions Question 1

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MotherTongue Questions


Theopening clause that Amy Tan uses brings out the fact that she hasinadequacies in her English language. One clearly notices that herknowledge and use of English language is way below average. Thebeginning may have been ideal but as one goes on reading, theirperceptions change and this makes the prose much more interesting.


Tandivides the English she speaks into two categories. One is thefractured English that she speaks with her mother at home. The otherdivision is the English with which she carefully wrote grammarphrases just like the one she used while giving the lengthy speechwhich her mother attended. These two forms allow her to communicatewith the audience effectively and express herself in the best waypossible in writing and speeches.


Writingfor a literary audience improves the language that Tan uses in essaywriting. She clearly states, it is through fiction writing that heraudience proves her incredible mastery of the English language. Fromthis statement, it is rather definite that Tan believes her audienceuses excellent and well-structured English. Therefore, she also hasto make her work very appealing in literally terms.


Thetitle used suits the content covered by Tan in explaining her use ofthe English Language in different contexts. In her argument, thetitle serves to demonstrate that English is the language she was bornspeaking and not one she learned later on while in school .The wayshe incorporates different use of the language into various forumssimply proves that English is her mother tongue. Alternate titles tothe argument could be First Language and Exploring Language.


Tan,Amy. “Mother tongue. “ Enriching ESOL Pedagogy: Readingsand Activities for Engagement, Reflection and Inquiry,by Vivian Zamel, Ruth Spack, and Lawrence Erlbaum (2002): 431-435.Print.