Module 6 Responses Response 1

Module6 Responses


Communicationhas emerged as an exceedingly crucial tool that cannot be assumed inorganization management. Despite the increasing obligations withinthe Treasury Department, communication with the investors is animportant consideration. It is essential for Grueber to communicatedirectly with the investors since he is the director of investorrelations in the company. In engaging with the investors, Grueberwill be in a position to receive different questions that theinvestors will have, and answer them accordingly so as to satisfythem. It has emerged that investor relations was not considered vitalin the company since the IR department was not adequately respondingto the concerns of shareholders. Thus, it is critical for themanagement to consider improving this fault such that the IR unitbecomes active for effective investor relations. This would help ininvolving shareholders in the operations of the company for itsprogress. In case Grueber does not know how to engage the investorsin the communication, acquisition of the required skills will benecessary.


Theculture that an organization has can be considered influential indetermining how the management responds to an emerging challenge.Grueber is facing the issue of changing the way the former managementhandled their operations. Although he desires to initiate a wholeculture change into the organization, he needs to first of allintroduce the subject to the stakeholders of the company. Such adiscussion would be healthy in order to provide a guide of thedirection that the business would be headed. Indeed, no one wouldhate to embrace a culture that promotes their well-being. However, inrealizing the change, he may need to introduce it as a phase process.