Milestone 1



CurrentMarketing Strategy

  1. Target market(s)

Thecompany has a wide target market. The following are the main targetmarkets for the company:

  1. Weight-Conscious People (this includes models and persons diagnosed with obesity)

  2. Health-Conscious People (such as the elderly and conservative individuals)
  3. People on Special Diets (for example diabetes patients, cancer patients and patients suffering from other health conditions that demand strict adherence to standards)
  4. Active People (sports personalities and athletes, body builders)
  5. Beauty (women, models)
  6. Seniors
  1. Positioning and Branding (brand name, logo and key benefits promised

Thecompany positions itself as a dedicated partner committed towards theprovision of nutritional supplements as well as fresh, wholesomefoods. It says that the aim is to provide every person with theopportunity to enjoy optimum health for the mind and the body.Moreover, the company promises to provide solutions to mental health,children’s health conditions, men and women health, beautysolutions, healthy alternatives for seniors and allergy remedies.

  1. Marketing Mix

    1. Key products or services

Themain products sold by the company are as follows:

  1. Beauty products

  2. Herbs and supplements

  3. Functional foods

  4. Drugs

  5. Fine Wine &amp Craft Beer

  6. Sustainable Seafood

    1. Pricing

Thecompany prices its products based on overhead, marketing costs, andlabor wages. Moreover, it is keen to match the pricing strategies ofits competitors, by stimulating demand through attractive pricing.The company’s reputation allows it to charge prices based on thebrand image.

    1. Place

Thecompany has operations in five cities in Utah. The stores includeAmerican Fork, Orem Good Earth, Riverdale, Sandy and Spanish ForkGood Earth, whose names take after the respective names of the citiesthat they are located.

    1. Promotion

Thecompany uses the following promotional strategies:

    • Company website

    • Brochures and Lifestyle magazines

    • Social media