TO:Health Care, Part-Time Staff

FROM:Name, Campus Health Coordinator

15thMay 2016

SUBJECT:Adjustmentof working hours during the summer

Therehave been several developments on the campus during the summer thathave precipitated an alteration of the regular health care deliveryprogram. Through comprehensive research, the office has discoveredthat fewer students are visiting the health center during the summer.The medical center opens for extended hours, but only a smallproportion of students visit the health center.

Healthcare services are of paramount importance not only to the students,but everyone on the campus grounds. The office of the healthcoordinated wishes to inform all health part-time staff that theproposed changes in the health care systems are meant to improveservice delivery and ensure every participant receives an equitableand fair treatment.

Theoffice understands that health care employees are compensated basedon the number of hours worked. It is clear that the proposed changeswill have an impact on the remuneration package as a result of thereduced working hours. However, research analysis has inferred themodification of typical working hours to adjust to the less reducednumber of students visiting the center. The changes are necessary toensure the health center operates smoothly and more efficiently.

Therefore,starting from 31st June to 1st September, all the health carepart-time employees are required to report to work Monday to Fridayfrom 9am-3pm, as opposed to the current working hours i.e. 8am-5pm.The proposed changes are expected to improve the health care deliveryprocess and reduce the extensive operation works. The officeanticipates coordination and cooperation within the transitionalperiod to avoid interruption of health care service delivery.


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