Media Political Biasness

MediaPolitical Biasness

Mediabias has been an issue that has affected the media and the UnitedStates as a country for the longest time possible. For many years,various stakeholders have viewed the media as posing direct biastowards various issues of governance as well as other state issues.In the recent past, the media has been seen to involve in the pretextof assuming the role of a truth giver. This has not been the case asmany cases of biasness have been found to exist even after the longfight for media objectivity.

Thebias case

Thecurrent political issue that has attracted a significant level ofbiasness is that of the upcoming election, especially that of thepresidential candidates. From time to time, biasness has beendetected in the way the media treat the two presidential candidates.

Anews article by Jimmie Stiehm clearly shows the political bias thathas been presented by the media. In this article dated October 4th,2016, it is stated that Americans awaits a new revolution if Clintonbecomes the president of the America. The article goes ahead topresent Clinton as the most probable 45th presidential candidate atthe expense of her rival Donald Trump.

Thearticle goes on to [present Clinton’s victory as one that wouldmake the greatest history in the political arena of the United Statesof America. As this happens, those who will have voted for HilaryClinton are said to be part of those who will feel the effect of anew dawn in the United States of America. The fact that Clinton is awoman creates the entire attention about her being the next presidentof US. This article seems to leave out other political issues thatpertain to the United States and concentrate on the issue of having apresident who is a woman.

Clintonis presented as the stronger candidate considering that she has beenable to withstand the bullying from her rival, who is a man. This byitself is used to express the political might that Clinton has overher rival.

Thearticle also suggests that the best presidential candidates areusually prepared well in advance by their political friends who holdoffices earlier than them. In this regard, Clinton is presented asthe best candidate of all times, after being induced into politics byher husband, the former and 42nd president of the US. By the factthat Clinton has been in the government for quite some time is alsoconsidered as one of the reasons why she makes the best candidate.

Asthe entire article has portrayed, Donald Trump is made to appear asthe losing candidate. In almost all the aspects presented, Trump isleft out of the discussion. Less of his achievement is discussed asto how he could also make a good president. This comes as a resultof the omission of the stories revolving around Donald Trump.


Mediabiasness is real in the United States of America. The media has beenclearly seen to promote such biasness. This has been portrayed by thefact that different media personalities, as well as houses, have beenassociated with particular opinions. Most of the media houses havebeen seen to favor Hilary Clinton in terms political ideologies. Thishas been supported by a study carried out by date face started inOctober 2015.


Is the media biased toward Clinton or Trump?