1. Creative problem solving in the face of extreme limits by Navi Radjou

Creativeproblem solving in the face of extreme limits is a Ted talk done byNavi Radjou. He is a leadership and innovation counselor based inSilicon Valley (Radjou, 2014). Previously, the speaker worked as aVice-president at Forrester Research both in San Francisco andBoston.Currently, he is a contributor to the online Havard BusinessReview. In his talk, Navi focuses on the Hindi concept of Jugaad(Radjou, 2014). In this case, the speaker advocates for the use ofadversity to find better and appropriate solutions to variousproblems. For instance, people in developing countries are compelledto find simple and cheaper resolutions due to scarce resources.

Tojustify his talk, Radjou gave various examples, for instance, pottersin India have been able to design fridges out clay, and it doesn’trequire electricity to function. Additionally, the Chinese haveembraced telemedicine solution to facilitate the use of medicalappliances by technicians or nurses (Radjou, 2014). That is essentialin availing health care services to rural areas at a cheaper andaffordable costs. Similarly, the speaker talked about SMS poweredinternet which enables people to have an internet connection withoutnecessarily having Wi-Fi or a link to a mobile device. To concludehis speech, Navi suggested three ideas which to help people innovateprudently. They include, simplicity, having a horizontal mindset suchas decentralization as well as leveraging off existing services(Radjou, 2014). I agree and fully support Radjou’s comments. Itonly in extreme situations or difficult moments where people arecompelled to think critically and find the most suitable solutions totheir problems.

  1. Derek Sivers: How to start a movement

Howto start a movement is also another interesting Ted talk done byDerek Silvers. The speaker is also a professional musician and thefounder of CD Baby. Besides, he is an online independent musicretailer (Silver,2013).In his talk, Derek shows a video of a single dancer who starts amovement. He begins to dance and later on joined by other people whoeventually form a crowd. From his demonstration, the speaker istrying to argue that leaders should be at the forefront to guidetheir followers. Also, they should treat others as equals. Thepioneers of any movement offer a special kind of leadership. In thiscase, Derek tries to encourage people to follow others if theyconsider their ideas viable (Silver,2013). Therefore, the speaker’s comments in the video is aninspiration to leaders. The speech provides them with a guide on howthey should gunner more support from people and direct them towardsthe right path. Also, leadersshould treat others with equality and respect.


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