Luma`s Goals



Thepersuasion of independence occurs at a price of bidding farewell tothe beliefs, traditions, and norms people are accustomed to andembracing new ones. Independence and freedom play an essential rolein every individual’s life, but the limitation of these significantelements hinders the achievement of people’s goals in life. Mostimportantly, the essence of the present discussion entails addressingthe causes of detachment and distance between Luma and her familyback in Jordan based on her decisions and the death of hergrandmother. It will also focus on factors such as independence andfreedom regarding the way they contributed to Luma moving to theUnited States in pursuit of her goals.


Theelement of liberty within a nation allows people to interact,socialize and carry out their activities without discriminationagainst gender, ethnicity or age. However, St John depicts Luma as anindividual who succeeded with the aim of pursuing freedom. Forinstance, he states that Luma did not feel that she could exerciseher ambitions in Jordan due to the strict conditions and inequalityin the opportunities offered to men and women (Harris, 2010). Lumaopted to endure splitting with her family to enjoy a free life in theUnited States as opposed to the limitations in Jordan. Theselimitations include lack of professional opportunities for women, andthose who wished to pursue greater responsibilities had to obtainpermission from their husbands for simple activities such as applyingfor passports. Nevertheless, after relocating to America, Lumaencountered an outsider life of a split personality between twoworlds (Harris, 2010). She enjoyed the freedom in America throughparticipating in games such as soccer, basketball, volleyball just tomention a few. Besides, freedom to Luma meant wearing any clothes shedesired without prejudice. Luma’s selflessness in the USAcontributed towards her participation in activities aimed at helpingthe other community members (Harris, 2010).

Independencedescribes the element of a life without hindrances or limitations incarrying out activities. St John brings about the hindrances Lumafaced in Jordan, and thus she decided to seek independence in theUnited States. The life in Jordan meant seeking permission from thesignificant figures of authority such as husbands to achieve one’sgoals. Luma felt that such a life hindered the achievement of hergoals since she wanted to stand firm and support herself without theintervention of her parents. According to St John, Luma relocated toAtlanta for the love of the weather conditions, and upon arrival, shesecured a job at Clarkston, Georgia at the YMCA as a soccer coach forthe Fugees under 14 girls’ team. Due to the passion for herdreams, Luma grew fond of America and wanted to stay there and fulfilthem (Harris, 2010). However, Luma’s father became furious aboutthe decision and chose to cut her off financially. Luma moved in withher grandmother who later died in 2002 and thus she transferred tothe United States at the age of 18 to attend college where she feltlike an outsider who could only identify with other refugees (Harris,2010).

Conclusively,Luma’s aspiration for a free and independent life contributedtowards her relocation to the United States. However, the achievementof these factors as brought out by St John portray the cost incurredas Luma became detached and distanced with her family members who cuther off for adopting the culture of other people (Harris, 2010).Nevertheless, her determination towards her goals led to Lumaparticipating in activities that brought together children fromdifferent backgrounds and eventually created a solid team. Similarly,Luma’s goals portray the image of a determined individual whorelentlessly gave up part of her usual life to pursue a better onewith no limitations on what to wear or whom to seek permission toaccomplish a particular task (Harris, 2010). She also brings about asignificant element through motivating people to focus on theirambitions regardless of the challenges they encounter in life.


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