Living with Struggles

Livingwith Struggles

Livingwith Struggles: Exploring Juice,the Movie

Thefour friends in the film ‘Juice`endup in delinquency due to a number of social, political as well aslegal issues in the society. These characters start with innocentcrimes such as shoplifting and insulting others and with time theyget involved in a murder. Bishop kills his friend Hakeem and alsotries to shoot at Steel and Queen. The paper will address theseissues that pressure the main characters to participate inmisconduct.


TheEconomic predicament of many individuals curtails their dream.However, some decide to go way out of their norm in an attempt topursue their dreams. It is in such a predicament that Bishop, Queen,Raheem and Steel decide to shoplift to acquire records. They are notin a position to buy what they want in as much as they havesupportive families. Q has a dream of becoming a disk jockey (DJ) andit is this vision that drives these friends to steal records so thathe can practice. However, it starts as an innocent move.

Thedesire for power also drives Bishop, Queen, Raheem and Steel. Theybelieve that their opponent gang called Puerto Rican led by Radamesthinks that they are weak. These two groups engage into exchanginginsults, and somehow Q`s team does not seem robust enough tooverpower Radames` gang. They refer to power as juice, and it is whatthey desperately need that they decide to raid Quiles` grocery store.They need to teach the owner a lesson as well as prove to theopponents that they are not as fearful as perceived. However, Bishopends up shooting Quiles to death.

Thefour friends act at first out of pressure to prove a point.Particularly Q does not want to participate as he feels that hisdream might be compromised. However, he is convinced by others tojoin the party. Bishop has a different motivation. He derives hisstrength from a film called ‘White Heat and he is thrilled by themovie`s vision of glorious crimes. He gets convinced that crimebrings glory and it is the way to go to acquire power and fame.


Thegovernment gives great power to the police guarding the streets inHarlem. In as much as security is essential in any community, it doesnot involve police harassment. In Harlem, police cross the line ofhumanity to the extent of killing innocent youths. Bishop and hisfriends lose a friend in a shootout at a bar through law enforcementofficers. That way, people in Harlem believe that a gun containspower. It is for this reason that Bishop acquires one. However, theyforget that purchasing one would also mean using it. The gun givesBishop Power to kill Quiles, and Raheem as well as injures Steel.


Legallythere is right to life. One is not supposed to interfere with thisright among others. When Bishop kills Quiles, his friends raise aquarrel towards him. When Raheem insists that Bishop should give himthe gun, Bishop shoots him and kill him. These two deaths cause panicin the group. Q and Steel are threatened not to talk about thesedeaths causing them to cover up the crime. Out of interest to coverup these crimes, Bishop also kills Radames, the leader of theopponent gang. He also plots to frame his friends for his actionsthat cause wider disintegration.