Letter of Intent

Letterof Intent

Iam writing to express my desire to become a distinguished member ofDelta Omega. Since I embarked on my education journey, I have alwaysset my eyes high to ensure positive accomplishment of my goals. Tothis far, I have gained an MPH degree that has effectively shaped mycareer in the healthcare occupation. Undertaking an internship and IMresidency has boosted my knowledge and practical experiences (Filipeet al. 136). I consider that professional growth in the healthcareindustry requires one to remain active in various professionalbodies. Such organizations assist in the networking and sharing ofknowledge that inform the current and future needs in the clinicalpractice.

Registeringwith Delta Omega is an honor to public health professionals. Thesociety has been instrumental in encouraging networking andscholarship among practitioners. Membership with the body hassignificant benefits to new graduates as it exposes them toexperienced professionals. I consider that the opportunity willenhance my skills besides understanding the critical areas ofresearch and further studies.

Myfuture goals are geared towards becoming a leader in the formulationof appropriate policies and legislations that will impact positivelyon educational attainment and the health sector. I will seek toenhance my skills to improve my employability and competence in theindustry. Besides, I also look forward to mentoring other prospectingprofessionals. Having undertaken my MBBS degree and undergone theinternship and residency programs, I believe that this is the righttime to register a professional body to enhance my knowledge andskills. It will also move a long way towards fulfilling theemployment requirements in most states. I believe that professionaldevelopment plan needs to include registration with relevantprofessional bodies. I look forward to a positive response andultimate registration with the Delta Omega.


Filipe,Helena P. et al. “Continuing Professional Development: BestPractices.” MiddleEast African Journal of Ophthalmology21.2 (2014): 134 – 141. PMC.Web. 27 Sept. 2016.