Leadership for Lawyer Mahatma Gandhi Outline

Leadershipfor Lawyer Mahatma Gandhi Outline

It’susually argued that each and every lawyer has a responsibility and anopportunity to exercise leadership role in either their profession orany other professions. Mahatma Gandhi is one of the lawyers whoexcelled as leader and a lawyer. In my research, I am going to writeabout twenty pages relating to leadership of lawyer Mahatma Gandhi.His background, accomplishment, and his training in law school wouldbe my major fields of interest in bring out how he became anaccomplished leader.


MahatmaGandhi’s background plays an important role in his leadershipposition. Firstly, his father was a prime minister of Indiatherefore, he got the opportunity to study law which paved way forhis leadership role (Radhakrishnan, 2015).

Heread a lot of Indian classics and Hindu scriptures since he was youngand this gave him a platform of his work in later years.


Studyinglaw helps one to analyse issues the way they are and how it shouldbe. It’s also equips one with special tactics needed as leader.

Mahatmawas an in-born transformational leader


Mahatma’saccomplishment made him the greatest spiritual and political leaderof the twentieth century. Fighting for the rights of his people inSouth African against discrimination, leading a two hundred milewalk, and fasting for twenty one-days to end the war were some of hisaccomplishments.

Leadinghis people to achieve independent was his greatest achievement(Radhakrishnan, 2015).

Lawteaches one to have a perspective of the both sides of the argumenttherefore one is in a position to judge what’s wrong and right. Inother words, one develops a skill to look at issues objectively. It’san important skill particularly in the field of politics where fearand anger seem to drive many parties’ policies.


Mahatmawas charismatic role model, inspirational and trustworthy leader anda lawyer.


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