Leadership for Lawyer Abraham Lincoln Outline

Leadershipfor Lawyer Abraham Lincoln


Introduction:Many presidential candidates and most of the presidents of the UnitedStates have at one time or another practiced law. It is apparent,therefore, that lawyers have some attributes that make themsuccessful leaders. The lawyer leader that will be the focus of thisessay is Abraham Lincoln. He was the 16thpresident of the US and led the country through a very violent timein its history. The paper will look into his background,accomplishments, and how the skills he learned as a lawyer helped himbecome a great leader.

Thesis:Abraham Lincoln went down in history as one of the most influentialleaders primarily because he was once a practicing lawyer.

Background:He was born on February 12, 1809, in what was then called HardinCounty in the state of Kentucky. His father, Thomas Lincoln was alaborer that eventually became a trained carpenter. There are notmany details concerning his mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Abraham hadtwo siblings, an older sister named Sarah, and a younger brothercalled Thomas. However, Thomas passed away while an infant. Thefamily then moved to Indiana in 1816. Raised in a Baptist religion,Abraham was opposed to slavery from a young age.

Accomplishments:In 1832, he ran for the seat of a legislature for Illinois althoughhe never won. He became Whig in the lower house until 1841. Hechanged professions and became a lawyer in 1836 and by 1837, he hadrelocated to Springfield where he partnered with John Todd Stuart.Between 1847 and 1849 he was a member of the US House ofRepresentatives. From 1855 to 1858, he unsuccessfully ran for thesenatorial seat. By 1860, he had gained political influence, and hevied for the presidency under the Republican Party. A few monthsafter his inauguration, the Civil War began where he was an activecommander. He eventually gained victory and slavery was banned allacross America.

Conclusion:Abraham Lincoln’s leadership enabled the unification of all thestates in the US. He ensured that slavery was abolished in all thestates and every slave was freed. The skills he developed whilepracticing law helped him accomplish such a great feat.


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