Law Enforcement Interview

LawEnforcement Interview

LawEnforcement Interview with Morgan James


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omicide cases have increased in Memphis City, according to areport by City Hospital. On average there are thee cases of homicideevery month in the city, and one in every three turns fatal. MorganJames, the city’s lead criminal investigator attributes the rise inhomicide cases to watching violent videos.

Respondingthrough Google telephone to interview questions regarding the recentincident in which Amy stubbed Alarcoa Mioguel to death at around 2pmfollowing a heated argument, Morgan James quoted “viral videoeffect” as the cause of such incidents. The investigator statedthat the increased watching of videos containing violent scenes hasacted as a motivating factor for homicide whenever an individual isprovoked. He further noted that “homicide cases have been on therise in the district,” which confirms the report by the CityHospital. The lead investigator did not seem to have other tangibleexplanations for the increase in homicide cases.

Reckoningon a statement given by James Fox that criminal rate “cannot bezero, it can only go up,” Morgan James noted that “a statementlike that doesn’t help.” Further, Morganpointedout that to reduce the cases of homicide, content associated withviolent acts should be reduced such as regulating the social mediaand YouTube. He claimed that the convenient and widespread access toviolent content has negative psychological and emotional effectswhich contributed to the homicide cases.

However,the lead criminal investigator was quick to note that “it is notsomething that individuals should be over alarmed about.”Nonetheless, given the situation under which most of these caseshappens, more security measures should be taken by the club operatorsto prevent such occurrences. It is a threat to the safety of humansthat should be kept under full control of the law enforcers.