TheLatin Kings is a large street and prison gang in the United States ofAmerica. The gang was first established in Chicago prison in 1954. Itultimately expanded during the time of increased movement into themainland. Currently, the group has had great influence in Ecuador,Peru, Venezuela, and other regions of Brazil. The gang was officiallyorganized in the 60s and gave itself the name. The members of theLatin Kings have a developed manifesto and a structured leadershipsystem.

TheLatin Kings are controlled by the state Crown Council’s chairman, atop-ranking member in New Jersey, Chicago, and Florida. The stateCrown Council is the most authoritative decision-making body of thegang and is composed of the six chairs of regional Crown Councils.The gang is a criminal organization having about 35,000 members inover 30 states.

TheLatin Kings only recruit those who have passed their test in thefamed five points and the three color system. This test isadministered within five days, and if an individual pass, he’sgiven a mission through which the person earns a crown for hisloyalty to the movement. The gang members put on clothing withblack-and-gold colors, salute with their fists meaning &quotI DIEFOR YOU,&quot and often draw tattoos of their national symbol, afive-point crown.

Thegang`s mission in jail is to cut or stab their enemies whileprotecting their members. Moreover, when a member is caught and sentto the box, the 4th crown will send the member his crown papers, sothat he can take it to the next prison. By so doing, the member canbe relieved off probation, crowned and made an official Latin King.More importantly, the main threat by the Latin Kings in prison is theexecution of their victims or anyone who gangs against any of theirmembers.


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