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Aftera careful analysis of the subjects given, the most suitable topic todevelop is Topic 6 (What is Knowledge Management? Your clientorganization is new to KM. They are asking what is KM and why onearth should they consider managing their knowledge? They would alsolike to know whether there are any types of KM challenges that youthink might face their particular organization and suggest how bestto deal with these problems?). The topic above is of great importancein the current generation given the robust technological advancementsand thus the need for knowledge management within the organizations.Regarding knowledge management, The Coca-Cola Company will beanalyzed. It is a multinational organization that operates in over200 countries and thus knowledge disbursement and management is ofparticular importance to this company.

Thereis a broad range of credible sources concerning knowledge management.Nonetheless, the most suitable ones that will be employed for theterm project have been cited on the reference list. These referencesprovide adequate evidence to support various assertions on knowledgemanagement within organizations. Their credibility also comes fromthe fact that they provide enough data to develop a rich backgroundin intelligence management. One common attribute with these sourcesis that they offer information that moves the reader in a similardirection. There are no claims that seem to contradict each other.The information in these sources can also be said to be plausible.The authorities in charge of the sources are known on a global basis.For instance, The Economist newspaper is popular for developing soundideas that interest persons from all disciplines. Their currency,coverage, objectivity and accuracy also make them the better choicefor the project. Also, these sources also provide up-to-dateinformation that is non-contradicting with my position for importanceand issues associated with knowledge management.

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