Joseph Bobiak

Bobiak 1




10thOctober 2016


Myclassroom is like my other home since I spend most of my time there.It`s in a bid to acquire knowledge and skills that would nature myfuture and enable me to achieve my dreams. Each and every moment Istep into the room, a sense of relief and comfort strikes me over,and I recognize that I am in the right place. It`s because of thebeauty and considerations that were put into place to come up withthe room to realize a conducive environment where one would feel atpeace, additionally setting the appropriate mood for a fantasticlearning experience.

Tobegin, the classroom is located on the ground floor of the blockwhich is adjacent to the school`s garden. The beautiful andwell-manicured garden creates a spectacular scene to behold. Natureis brought out at its best from the surrounding trees, flowers andother species of plants which makes you want to stand there the wholeday and gaze at the surrounding. Green grass is planted all aroundthe building and a pavement which creates a path to walk throughseparates the vegetation and leads to entrance into the block thatis where you will find the location of the room. Anothercharacteristic of the place is that its chosen location is away fromdistractions such as noise that are caused by people, vehicles orother sources this results in a perfect environment silent andenabling for a smooth learning experience.

Proceeding,in reaching the room, you encounter a hanging on the door thatnotifies you the room that you are in this enhances clarity andeliminates confusion. Upon entering the class, the other uniquefeature that you notice is the spaciousness of the chamber. Itdesigned with certain considerations in mind that various activitiescan be carried in a classroom based on the different courses offeredhence creating convenience brought about by changing locations evennow and then that can be quite annoying. Seating arrangement issystematic in that each and every student has an assigned seat andthe distance of separation between them is convenient. All this isaimed at enhancing proper organization and avoidance of distractionswhen the students are moving about from their various locations.

Also,the entrance to the room is in such a way that it limits distractionfrom the outside and only essential furnishing is contained to reducenon-necessity that can be an obstacle to creating the best learningcondition. On top of that, the adequate space of the room alsoensures enough room for foot traffic this enables the learners tocollect their items conveniently from where they usually store them.Inside the chamber, there is a whiteboard located at the front of thestudents. It’s large enough to enable the best visibility duringlessons and an enhanced display. All this enables the learner and theinstructor to properly exchange and share knowledge and also promptexcellent communication from both parties. In continuation, thelighting of the room is moderate to cater for the different needs ofvarious individuals. The lights are spread out evenly to illuminatethe whole room proportionally and create a clarity effect foreveryone thereby realizing the comfort required. Besides that,natural light has also been taken advantage of in the design process.It`s so as to tap it and provide an additional option for lighting incase the artificial one may not be sufficient. There is also freeflow of air which is enhanced by the many ventilations that are inthe room. It`s to maintain a free movement of air inside and a bonussupply throughout the academic calendar. Furthermore, there is also afan which is positioned at the center of the room but on topadditionally to supplement the airflow and ensure that all the timeit`s good.

Puttingall those factors in mind such as the ventilations provided they inturn ensure a cold temperature maintained inside the room. It`s toavert the situation of a warm room which is a catalyst to sleep,boredom, and inattentiveness. It may cause a hindrance to theconcentration of the students thereby disrupting the learningprocess. Plants have been incorporated into the room to improve theaesthetic value and improve the quality of air on top of enhancing awelcoming experience to the users of the room in general. Last butnot least, the walls have been painted using light colors that alsoimprove the beauty of the place. Not to mention, the ceiling andfloor have been nicely finished with the best quality materials,another bonus for enhancing the required and expected educationalenvironment. In summary, the room is presentable in that a lot ofthought was put on it during its design to improve and create asuitable learning environment. It boosts morale and empowers theusers of the room, in particular, the students who feel motivated andencouraged to embrace education. Moreover, other users also feelhappy and usually want to take part and participate in the knowledgeacquisition process since most factors are taken care of, and anoverall sense of appreciation is enhanced.