Jason Bobiak



WouldNegative Ads Affect How You Vote?

Oneinteresting question to have answered in the political arena of theUnited States is whether negative advertisement is influential in avoter’s decision to elect a leader or otherwise. Even before thatis clarified, it is imperative noted that the human brain is designedto process information based on the perceived stimulus, which in thiscase is the advertisement. Arguably, assault messages tend to sticklonger in human minds, an implication that any such ads by thepolitical aspirants create a lasting psychological impression in thevoters who in turn respond by choosing the candidate to elect.

Wihbeyand Ordway argued that the history line of the United States depictsstriking evidence regarding the use of negative ads of which thetrend has been on the rise from 2008 through to 2012 and 2016.Records show that of the ads used by Hilary Clinton, 60% attackedDonald Trump while 31% were positive about her. Conversely, Trump’sads focused mostly on criticizing the former aspirant and praisinghimself while airing no positive advertisements. What could be theimplications of such approaches on the probability of being voted?

Mostpeople tend to enjoy the prospect of attack ads as much as they areturned off if the advertisements are too personal or if they paint afamily member negatively and if so, voters perceive the attackingaspirant as too dirty and turn against the him or her due to themisguided ads. However, if properly modeled, such ads work for theattacking leader because the resulting impression lasts for weeks andmonths (unlike positive ads) and the citizens are likely to recalland vote against the aspirant criticized by the ads. Simply put,therefore, careful use of negative ads affect how people appointleaders, with the attacking candidates (like Trump) enjoying higherprobabilities of winning elective posts over their competitors whouse positive ads (Clinton, for instance) which bear negligibleimpacts on voters’ decisions.


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