Introduction to Humanities

Introductionto Humanities

Introductionto Humanities

Humanitiesare considered as academic discipline area that deals with humanconditions, utilizing various techniques that are mainly practical,tentative, essential and different from the pragmatic approaches usedin natural sciences (Kenny,2013). Asa person dealing with humanities, I have interest in history studiesespecially the cultural aspects of analyzing man and woman infirmityin life and how such can be improved. Actually, culture is consideredas an aspect that comprises of speeches, beliefs, arts, ideals,rules, knowledge and technologies (Kenny,2013). However,being cultured indicates that one is redefined and has been wellversed with aspects of arts, languages and philosophies. As well, itis part of learning much about the past great men, women and mostlyleaders.

Actually,culture has been the significant differentiating factor between man,woman and animals and it tends to have regulation on the types ofbehaviors that are considered as suitable for an individual (Kenny,2013). Cultureentails more teachings and has been crucial for individuals when itcomes to sourcing of required knowhow in the efforts of achievingstatus of an individual being in that culture. Humanities is thestudy and interpretation of languages, history, literature,linguistics, philosophy, ethics, theory of arts, social scienceaspects among others.

Throughthe exploration of humanities, one is in a position to think in acreative, strategic manner and with critical reasoning. Having suchskills allows one to gain newer insights to everything ranging frompoetry, painting, development of business models, politics amongothers (Kenny,2013). Researchingmuch about human experience adds more to the knowledge about theworld. Through humanities, one is in a position to know more aboutthe values of different cultures, what goes to the making of artworks and more about how history is made. Due to the great work ofhumanities, everyone has an understanding of the pasts, understandingof the world we live in, as well as providing relevant tools thatimagine the future (Kenny,2013). Natural sciences have not been included in the definition ofhumanities. This is because the method used in scientific studies aremostly not affected by people’s culture like the humanities


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