Interview communication

Interview communication 1


Interviewingis one of the best ways to get first hand information. Ininterviewing political leaders we get to understand what their realmotives and intent, this is far from their manifestos which are wellcalibrated for them. This is a way in which the public gets to knowthere leader better. The leaders get to reveal more about theirfeelings towards the government and their people while beinginterviewed. During interviews one can shun the bad deeds occurringin a country better in that the leader gets to explain in detailswhat he really means and there is not a likely chance they aremisquoted or misinterpreted. Politics in the media is an improvementto how people perceive it. Due to the involvements of media inpolitics most people get know about these political news. I would beinterested in a career in political interviewing, it is an excitingevent that you get to interact with our leaders and get to ask thequestions and things in the political climate that are contradicting.

SarahPalin got annoyed, this is because no matter what she said she endedup being clobbered no matter if she chose to answer a question or notshe would still be clobbered on the answer. She felt that KatieCouric was missing a lot of things in her interviews in terms ofopportunity to ask what vice president candidate stands for, what thevalues are represented in our ticket. Bad interviewing skills arewhat Sarah Palin portrayed. The perception of the interview was afailure since Sarah Palin ended up saying things that wereunnecessary making the Americans terrified. Interviews were widelyseen as a disaster for Sarah Palin’s image and for the campaign.