Institution Affiliation Question 1




Humanresource continues to be the most troubling challenge for hospitalityand restaurant managers. The problems identified are

A)Competition itis clear that pricing behavior, branding, franchising and competitionfor workers are the major dynamics of competition. New chainrestaurants are flooding the market for casual dining, and this hasresulted to increased supply causing profit decline and laborshortage. B)Foodsafety and security themanager finds a variety of food-related challenges that concern them.This ranges from supply, preparation and cooking methods, storage andserving. Therefore, maintaining sanitation and preventing foodcontamination are major concerns noticed.


TheSan Francisco cafeterias in the Bay area are experiencing a challengeof workers. It’s reported that a lot of new restaurants are openinghence competition for labor force is high. This has forced manyworkers to seek other jobs in some business industries that offerbetter wages compared to restaurants, as the cost of living seems toincrease. The restaurant owners are working on the strategies to curbthis trend for a better economy and healthy business in the area.


Laborshortage is a major burning issue in business, and a number offactors that result into this are as follows first, economicchangefor instance bad economy creates a shortage of skilled labor in thatlow wages and pension payments force workers to move out the companyto seek employment in larger businesses that could offer a strongpackage benefits to them. Secondly, technologicaldevelopmentclaims a stake in the shortage of labor. Change in technology damagethe skilled labor force as the business increasingly depends oncomputers. Thirdly, qualificationmismatchworkers do not have the basic and necessary education and experienceto fill the available job positions.


Addressinglabor shortage is a key to business growth. Therefore, the followingbusiness practices are fundamental in solving the issues. First,providing a focused training and education to workers enable thecompany or business attract, develop and retain their staff. This ishelpful in creating a reserve of talented and skilled labor forcehence curbing shortages. Secondly, offering higher wages and betterincentives to workers this can be done through awarding workers forlong-term services, giving extra allowances for technical workers andopportunity promotion. Finally, good employee relationship andpersonal relation among workers promote a sense of belonging.