Individual Website Design Plan



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Website Topic:

I have designed a fun website which will mainly be involving entertainment content such as music, funny clips, and games

Website Purpose:

Many current websites have not completely adopted the feature of specialization where they can provide one variety of content in a consistent and an attractive way (Donepudi, Bhavineni &amp Galloway, 2016). It is, therefore, necessary to develop a site that can be primarily identified for one purpose and one that is popular among the users. As stated earlier the site is primarily an entertainment website where I can share entertaining content such as funny clips, videos, and music and where people can even interact.


While developing my website, I had in mind the specific segment of youths and the younger generations who can make up an integral part of my prospect clients. This category of individuals has no specific geographical location as one can locate them in any place. However, targeting some specific locations such as the schools is an easier way of finding the youth (Donepudi, Bhavineni &amp Galloway, 2016). The estimation of my target group would be almost bluff because, with technology and the internet, the numbers of people who can be contacted are as many as the world population if there are no limiting factors (Donepudi, Bhavineni &amp Galloway, 2016). However, I would need to start locally to make it internationally and hence I would be satisfied if I achieved about five hundred users locally.

The average age of the target lurks around ten to twenty years while more numbers of adults may not be surprising for me. Any person with basic computer skills and who can navigate the web has the ability and skills to use this website since it would be in its simplest form possible (Donepudi, Bhavineni &amp Galloway, 2016). Boredom is such a disgusting thing in life especially when one has nothing to do to counter it one may easily result in bad ideas. The kind of experience I would like to give to the users is the type that one will always be itching to revisit the site again.

Content Outline:

A clear and attractive home page is necessary for the design of the website (Donepudi, Bhavineni &amp Galloway, 2016). The first content of the home page is the title of the site. I would then place the navigation bars for further activities in distinct and visible locations. A brief introduction of the website would also be present for the new users (Donepudi, Bhavineni &amp Galloway, 2016). To make the site more interesting I would include a settings bar where the users can customize their pages for a personalized experience.

Visual Mockup:


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