Impactof DNP on Rural Healthcare

There exists several DNP projects which are dedicated to studieson improving health care delivery to the patients. I have noted theincreased disparities that exist in health that exist at the level ofrural areas. I have chosen the American Association of NursingPractitioners body to help me with addressing these disparities andthrough education and evidence-based research, determine ways inwhich we can address these gaps. Easy accessibility of goodhealthcare is everyone’s right regardless of where they live.


Plansfor participation in AANP

My plans forparticipation in AANP are to address the disparities that exist inrural health care. Many of the people living in the countryside oftenmeet many challenges in their search for better and appropriatehealthcare (Cynthia Masey, 2012). These challenges can either arisefrom long distances encountered in search of health clinics. The mostrampant problem has always been the high rates of health illiteracyand poor communication.

Another plan isto promote better management of diseases affecting rural inhabitants.(Cynthia Masey, 2012). With AANP, I will be in a good position torelay the appropriate management procedures for some of the highlychronic diseases like diabetes.

Rural areas facea higher prevalence of all these problems because of deficient healthcare and many barriers blocking access to good management of theirhealth conditions. Another plan is to organize a means of providingbetter health care to the rural areas by pushing for closer healthfacilities to the communities (Zaccagnini ME, 2014).

TheFuture AANP support of my DNP Scholarly Project

The AmericanAssociation of Nursing professionals can help me in future toresearch on the progress of healthcare delivery in rural areasthrough financial support in cases where research requires financialinput. It will also help me organize for an information delivery tothe communities in rural areas about healthy disease management. TheAANP can support me in future in the process of pushing for therecommendations of my scholarly article to be adopted by the relevantauthority so as to ensure the research was worthwhile and fruitful.


DNP projects inrural areas of health awareness can help decrease the levels ofdisparities found in the rural areas. Focussing these projects onrural health care can positively increase its delivery. Throughbetter and dedicated nursing professional bodies, such kind of healthdisparities can be addressed, and the recommendations pushed to therelevant authorities for implementation.


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