Illegal immigration and paths to


Illegalimmigration and paths to citizenship

IllegalImmigration and Paths to Citizenship

Illegalimmigrants are people who enter a country without authorization.These people do not have documents, and in most cases, they are asecurity threat. According to 2009 statistics in U.S, there are 11.1million illegal immigrants that translate to 3.5% of the population(Manuel et al., 2014). Out of the total, 52% come from Mexico whilethe rest come from other different countries. A large number of theseimmigrants have lived in the US for over a decade. The essay willdiscuss the social status of the illegal immigrants and sanctionsmade for their citizenship.

Asan illegal immigrant, one is not entitled to all citizens` rights.Such people live with a fear of arrest as well as deportation. Oncearrested chances are one is likely to be deported hence missing achance of acquiring a green card. They are also not in a position toobtain good jobs since they do not have documents. Today, there is aneffort to screen these immigrants and offer them a job. 2 of theimmigrants got employment in the airport (Dinan, 2016). Therefore allimmigrants have the responsibility of maintaining a high level ofdiscipline associated with their social status.

PresidentObama, during his campaign, promised to create a path to permanentlawful status to applicants on the election. The process includedfines, background check as well as waiting period. His efforts werechallenged and the bill stalled. In November 2014, two programs, DACAand DAPA, were launched to delay deportation of illegal immigrants(Sherman, 2016). After-all the bill might be passed and they mayacquire legal citizenship.

Inconclusion, illegal immigration has been common over the years butout of the recent data from Statistics, there is a stabilization ofnumbers. The immigrants are majorly feared to cause security threathence once arrested they are deported. However, there is an effort tooffer permanent lawful citizenship to those who applied.


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