How Art Influences my Life

HowArt Influences my Life

HowArt Influences my Life

Hearingthe word ‘art’ evokes differing interpretations to variouspeople, with most associating the term with pieces of work displayedin museums or galleries including paintings and sculpture. However,it incorporates so much more than the items displayed in galleries,making most of our surroundings to be considered as works thatconstitute art, whether decorative or functional in nature (Goto,2011). It is unfortunate how much individuals fail to realize andrecognize the roles played by art in their lives, and the degree ofreliance in our day to day activities.

Everytime that I take a look at my childhood photos, I am overwhelmed bythe amount of art that is represented in those memories. There arenumerous pictures of me coloring at the dining table or patio,opening packages of new drawing supplies at my birthday parties andChristmas, as well as school art shows displaying my early artwork.These photos do not only show my exposure to art at an early age, butthey are also depictive of the huge role that art has played in mylife for a long time. At the time, I was growing up in Brooklyn andmy elaborate interest in the fine arts was evident. My earliestattempt came in my first grade when I attempted to create my ideasusing my explosive imagination that incorporated color and detail. Myimagination could only be executed on paper, and this led to numeroussketches and unending painting sessions that eventually allowed me toexcel and gain confidence by the time I got to middle school. Thiswas the culmination of my talent because, at the same time that Igained total confidence, my interest for art also took off.Initially, I created art as a way of engaging my time and creatingfun though at this point it became more of passion.

Expressingmy ideas and thoughts through drawing and painting must be one of thebest things that happened to me. It is simply something that I cannotlive without as my passion has always been, and will always be, forthe arts. In the course of my academic life, I have attended variousschools, therefore meeting lots of new people along the way. I havegained massive inspiration, not to mention fresh and new ideas that Ihave been exposed to through their companionship. Meeting people fromdiverse cultures contribute to additional insight as one explores theway they live as well as their motivation (Goto, 2011). This exposurewas despite the fact that I was always a shy individual who found itdifficult to express my feelings to others. My artwork was the onlyway that I could express my ideas, and this soon earned me a fan basethat mentored me and critiqued my ideas. Later, we would engage inadditional art class and also take part in competitions, somethingthat saw me develop a competitive edge as I honed my skills andpushed myself to work harder and make myself better.

Everypainting or drawing that I create is incorporated with perfection andfantasy. It becomes a mesmerizing feature in every stroke of thebrush. I also ensure that I incorporate a sense of unblemishedreality in my drawings for that perfect outcome. Having matured, Inow realize that life is far from perfect, and seldom unfolds in theway that we plan. However, I have come to appreciate that in the sameway that art does, we are capable of designing our destiny andcreating borders though there should not be limits to the things thatwe can accomplish irrespective of the obstacles we may face in life.

Beloware samples of pieces of art that I am currently working on.

Figure1: Self-portrait showing my drawing skills

Figure2: Painting


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Theauthor describes how different people react to art. Instead of givinga personal account, the author approaches the topic from a generalperspective. The essay only cites the source when referring to ageneral opinion that can traced in the author’s work. The rest ofthe essay is based on creativity and there are no similarities drawnfrom websites.