Hohenfels Community Forum


HohenfelsCommunity Forum

Iam attending the Hohenfels Community information forum in Germany on15 September. The current event is open to the public, with theprincipal opinion leaders set to engage in discussions.

Themeeting takes place on a quarterly basis, whereby, matters such asmilitary rotations, facility closings, and family are discussed. Theimportance of the meeting is to enable community members to acquireimportant information to help in family planning for travel andholiday. The meeting offered an opportunity to the community toengage their leaders in the appropriate manner to avoid unnecessarydisturbances. It is considered that the members will utilize themeeting to seek information on the timelines for the activities. Themilitary community recognizes the importance of working in closecollaboration with the society. Good relations can only be builtthrough cooperation and healthy relationships.

Therelocation brief offered information to Denma residents on 15September regarding the planned activities. Lt. Col. Eric Scheneiderof the 15th Battalion, U.S Army spoke to approximately 65 residentson the impending housing relocation. The officer provided details onthe need for renovations and the expected time for completion.

Lt.Col. Scheneider briefed the members that most houses were in a badcondition causing water leakage and irregular power outings. Therenovation targets other military bases housing the U.S militarypersonnel. Eric also stated that the government has provided fundsfor restoration, besides allowances to the affected families. Ericsaid, “The process will enable us to reflect on other essentialmatters of life.” He likened the transition as an opportunity formilitary members to seek annual leave to connect with their familiesand friends. Col. Donald Mailer added that the assignment wouldimprove the quality of life as well as enhance productivity.

Asa lead civil engineer in the 15th Battalion, Col. Mailer briefed themembers on the nature of renovations. He reported that the housesrequired a major facelift on floors, walls, power and waterconnections, as well as air conditioning. Col. Donald Mailer alsospoke at length about the nature of assistance to the affectedmembers, including the relocation allowance. The government providedvehicles to ease the movement of members during relocation to a saferregion. He also reported that the process would take a maximum of twoyears to enable the families with students to continue with theirstudies.

Col.Mailer reported that: “The process will take place in phases toensure that the camp has a good number of members for securityfunctions”. Denma military residents would be relocated dependingon the nature of renovation works in their housing units. Col. Mailermaintained that the engineering and civil works department hasundertaken an assessment of the nature of renovations required foreach unit. Relocation is expected to take place between October 2016and March 2017. However, officers with few months left beforecompletion of their military assignments in Germany as well as thosewith less than one year to retirement will be housed temporarily.Further, members of the forces with a pending change of stationrequests will wait until they receive communication from theDepartment of Defense.

Thecommander of the 15th Battalion is working closely with theDepartment of Defense to ensure a smooth transition process. Thecoordinator of community services welcomed the government’scommitment to improving military housing. He asserted that themembers would cooperate with the leaders to ensure a smoothtransition. Lt. Col. Eric concluded the remarks by saying that themilitary will maintain communication with the teams through noticeboards or section heads.

Relocationsummary with the timelines and nature of renovations in their houseswas provided to teams. All enquiries or questions can be addressed tothe leaders through email to [email protected] or dropoff at the Denma Camp main office.