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Weare the world




Musichas always been my passion and has turned out to be one of myfavorite hobbies. I trace my childhood to the humble backgrounds of asmall town where grew up. As a child, my only method of escaping fromthe poverty and despair that I experienced was through turning theradio on and listening to some sweet R&ampB music. However, I wasrestricted to listen to some of my favorite jams by the mean andviolent orphanage officials who were my heartless guardians. Iloathed the kind of life I was living and always wished that I couldafford to live an ordinary life just like other kids do. My passionfor music grew with every level of restriction that I faced from theadministrators of the orphanage. I wanted to be in control of my lifejust like most of the musicians are.


Thepurpose of this report is to analyze some of my favorite songs suchas the Diamonds and provide a brief overview about them. The music isbased on real life situations and emotions, and it may be interestingto those people who have not yet watched or listened to it(Burkholder&amp Grout, 2014).



Rihannaproved herself to be one of the exemplary pop stars of her timethrough her consistent release of songs (Kroenert,2015).This particular song, Diamonds, is from her seventh album titledUnapologetic. The writer of the song was Sia, and StarGate and BennyBlancco produced it. The song was performed at a slow pace, and ithas a lot of introspective lyrics. The genre of the song falls underlove music, and the artist demonstrates her vocal prowess (Kroenert,2015).The songs video is a mastered craft of sophistication in a simpleway. Falling diamonds refracted light and a beach setting with ahorse on the background are enough to please the viewers (Kroenert,2015).The music is simply a masterpiece.

Image1: Caption for Rihanna in song “Diamonds.”

Weare the world

Itis one of the most famous humanitarian songs released in the historyof music (Pufleau,2014).It featured 46 vocalists who were assigned a verse each in the song.Many favorite musicians such as Lionel Richie, the late MichaelJackson, Kenny Rodgers and several others came together to composethis masterpiece. The song was released in the March of 1985 in aninitiative to gather aid for the Ethiopians who had been struck byextreme famine (Pufleau,2014).The video was masterfully created starting with synthesizers and theglobe. All the artists are in a studio where each is given a chanceto display their vocal prowess and at times sing in unison like achoir. This song is evidence that much can be accomplished via musicrather than just rhythm (Pufleau,2014).

Image2: Caption of some of the musicians of the “We Are the World.”


Thissong by Pharrell Williams turned out to be one of the most cheerfulhits for the summer time (Mattern,2015).It is from Pharrell’s second singles album titled GIRL. The songindicates the artist’s highly developed and mastered vocals, and asmooth delivery of the message. His voice has a soulful aspect whichmakes the song distinctive (Mattern,2015).The song is more of an old school genre, and it has a clear advice ofmaintain a clear conscience and staying happy always. The videocontains many exciting scenes such as people in workplace and churchand many walks of life, which indicates the diversity of life(Mattern,2015).

Image3: Pharrell Williams


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