Hiring Process at

HiringProcess at

Lawenforcement agencies enforce law of the country. Examples of theenforcers include the federal agencies, state and local agencies andrailroad police among others. The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) is one of the federal law enforcement agencies (FBIJOBS,n.d).

HiringProcess in the Federal Bureau of Investigation

TheFBI is driven by intelligence and focused on eliminating threats todefend the United States against terrorists and dangers from foreignintelligence. The FBI Special Agent is a valued position that is onlygiven to individuals who posses strict morals and are committed topractice and maintain the values and the ideals of the FBI agency(FBIJOBS,n.d).The hiring Process of an FBI Special Agent Include the following:

  1. Employment Eligibility

Anapplicant must comply with the FBI pre-employment drug policy andmust not violate any of the automatic employment disqualifiers, so asto be eligible for employment with the agency (FBIJOBS,n.d).

  1. Entry Requirements

Toqualify for the FBI Special Agent position, a candidate must bebetween 23-37 years, must be a U.S citizen or a Northern Marinacitizen, must have a college or university degree, posses a valid U.Ddriving license and must have professional work experience of threeyears. The candidate must also have qualifications of at least one ofthe following entry Programs: diversified, language, ComputerScience, law or accounting (FBIJOBS,n.d).

  1. Documents and Information

Thecandidate is required to submit their academic and professionaldocumentation for review (FBIJOBS,n.d).

  1. The FBI background Investigation Process

TheFBI agency conducts a background investigation for all FBI SpecialAgents applicants before they receive an FBI Top Security clearance.An employee is required to pass the background investigation beforethey are provided with employment. Investigations include credit andrecord checks, a polygraph test, illegal drug use and extensiveinterviews with various people such as friends, colleagues andneighbors among others (FBIJOBS,n.d).

  1. Physical Requirements

Thecandidate is required to be physically fit for eligibility. Allcandidates must undergo a physical fitness test that includespush-ups, sit-ups and a 300-meter sprint (FBIJOBS, n.d).

  1. Medical Examination

Thecandidate who has passed the FBI background checks and meets therequirements of physical fitness must undergo a comprehensive medicalexamination. Medical examination includes hearing and vision test(FBIJOBS,n.d).

  1. Selection System

Thecandidate must complete an online application. The ones selected arethen required to undertake the test, which is divided into twophases phase 1 testing consist of written tests and Phase 2 testingthat involves writing a test as well as an in-person interview.Applicants who pass all the tests are provided with a ConditionalLetter of Appointment that provides conditions for job offer.Candidates who have passed all the stages of the application processare planned to undergo training at the FBI academy in Quantico(FBIJOBS,n.d).


Althoughthe hiring process is complex, it helps in ensuring only eligiblecandidates are recruited for the FBI Special Agent job.


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