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Differencebetween Empathetic and Empa-centric

Empatheticis the psychological identification with an individual’s attitudes,thoughts and feelings having an understanding their beliefs, realityand the world whereas empa-centric are identifying an individual’sfeelings and attitude but filling the knowledge of what they areundergoing with our ideas, the world, and reality (Fauci,A. S.,2014).

Whatare Community Health Workers?

Communityhealth workers are members of a given community who are given thetask by either an organization or the community members to ensurethat proper medical and health care has been made available in theircommunities.

Rolesof Community Health Workers

Theirfunctions in the health care system include streamlining connectionsbetween the healthcare systems and vulnerable populations, this isthrough enlightening people on how to use available systems.

Guidingand counseling. Here they are involved in leading community memberstowards adopting healthy practices.(Fauci, A. S.,2014).

Anotherrole of community health workers is educating their society membersin various diseases regarding their transmission and prevention.

Healthcare workers enroll individuals who are eligible in performingdifferent tasks regarding health care services and offer themtraining in case it is required.

Communicationand advocacy are their roles too. They advocate and communicatehealth-related matters on behalf of other members of the community.

Finally,they help community members to adhere and stick to healthrecommendations that they receive.

Whywe need them?

Weneed health care workers since they are the central figure inimproving the medical conditions of individuals in the communities.(Fauci,A. S.,2014). Theirroles of communication and dissemination of health information,guiding and counseling, training and educating people and being theiradvocates are critical.

SocioeconomicStatus (SES)

Measuringof SES is through various approaches. They include, The DuncanSocioeconomic Index (SEI), this is the commonly used method ofmeasuring SES. Cambridge scale is another technique used. It tends torely on a person`s interaction to determine his social structure.(Fauci,A. S.,2014). Despitethis, other measures include use of Nam-Power Occupational StatusScore, which relies on a person`s income and education. Factorsconsidered in the measurement of SES include individual`s level ofeducation, his occupation and the income he earns.

Connectionexisting between SES and Health

Therelationship existing between SES and health is regarding the factthat SES explains an individual under high SES, middle SES or lowSES. They are categorized further into different variables likeoccupation, education, and income. (Fauci,A. S.,2014). Itis evident that education and low income are strong predictors ofboth mental and physical health problems. Prejudices and stereotypeshave been explained to affect health disparity immensely. It isevident that health disparities that are persistent by race arerelated to anxiety about an individual who is confronted whilereceiving healthcare which is caused by negative racial stereotypes.


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