Halifax Jazz Festival.

HalifaxJazz Festival.

HalifaxJazz Festival

Descriptionof the festival.

Accordingto McCullough (1992), the Halifax Jazz Festival is an event whichbrings together artists and jazz performers from all over the world.They come together to celebrate and learn more about the history ofjazz music and its beauty as a community and as a culture. Theperforming artists are usually well recognized in the jazz culture,and they have a lot of experience with jazz music. In this year’sfestival, some of the artists who attended included, Julia Holter,Metric, Oliver Jones, Thundercat among others.

Thefestival takes place in different places of downtown Halifax. Theseareas include the corner of Gottingen, the gorgeous Waterfront amongothers.

Theevent was started more than thirty years ago. It was initially knownas the Atlantic Jazz Festival. It is the oldest and the greatest jazzfestival which takes place in the summer. (McCullough, 1992). Theevent is designated by the Halifax Regional Municipality as aHallmark Event. It takes place over two weekends which are ninenights and eight days. It brings 55,000 visitors, includes 450volunteers and creates employment for more than 350 local musicians.Apart from the jazz music, the stages also present roots, R&ampB,blues among other world favorite music. This is great profit to thearea since the locals sell a lot of things to the visitors.(Heritage, 2010).


Dueto the large numbers of people who attend the event, the best meansof transport to attend the event is by public transport. Theseinclude the public transport cars and taxis. Use of public meanshelps to avoid problems such as parking space and traffic congestion.(Gaum &amp Ramakrishnan, 2010).

Thosewho attend the event have many places where they can stay during thevisit. There are rooms that can be hired in different bars such asMenz and Molliz Bar, The Company House, Lion and Bright Wine Bar,Lion’s Head Tavern, The Lower Deck Pub and Gus’ Pub &amp Grill.The visitors who do not want to stay in bars can stay in cafes suchas The Café, Tim Horton’s, The Nook of Gottingen, Mary’s PlaceCafé or the Humani-T Café. (Gaum &amp Ramakrishnan, 2010).

Thereare several restaurants where the visitors can eat while on theirstay for the festival. Some of these restaurants include Hali Deli,Edna or Field Guide. For those who love pizza, there are pizza areassuch as the Kit Kat Pizza while for the vegans, there are places suchas EnVie A Vegan Kitchen. All the other bars that are listed abovewhere people can stay also offer foods and drinks.

Thegreatest challenges in the event are traffic and parking space. Dueto the large number of people who are visiting, the number ofvehicles is always too large. This creates a lot of traffic jam. Theparking lots are also very limited.


Thefestival is attended by different kinds of people. The jazz music ismostly liked by the old people. This means that the old forms agreater number of those attending the festival. The young people arealso developing interest in jazz, and thus some young people alsoattend the event. The locals also attend the event in large numberssince the great event is in their neighborhood. (Heritage, 2012).

Themarketing for the event is directed towards different people. Thefirst group is the local musicians. The local musicians are advisedto attend the event to interact with the visiting experiencedmusicians so that they can learn how to play the music. The young arealso encouraged to attend so as to learn the jazz culture. Locals areencouraged to attend the event so as to enjoy the great performances.Visitors are encouraged to come and interact with the locals.

Apartfrom the jazz festival, there are also other attraction sites whichpeople can visit when they come for the festival. People can visitthe famous Atlantic Museum. There is also the Harbor Hopper wherepeople can go for boat riding. Bike riding and traditional foods suchas lobster are also other interesting events. (Heritage, 2012).

Sincethe event attracts people worldwide, different media are used foradvertising it. The most common advertisement is online through theinternet. This reaches people worldwide. Large billboards are placedin strategic areas of different cities. The event is also broadcastedin different media platforms. (Heritage, 2012).


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