Group task Group task



Materials/suppliesneeded for Angel Pie

½pkg. Vanilla Wafers crushed&nbsp¼ cup soft butter.

2tbsp. sugar



500gbread crumbs

1can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk



Materials/suppliesneeded for Coffee


500gground coffee

IKg sugar


Tablesand chairs


Rolefor Mrs. Picky

Iwould use a cautious approach while assigning Mrs. Picky a role. Shewould be in charge of mobilizing all the supplies and materialsneeded for the activity. As such, she will have no room to spend toomuch time on insignificant issues. Also, due to her nature of being aperfectionist, there is a high chance that she will bring all theright supplies required.

Rolefor Mrs. Gloomysworth

Iwould use a motivating approach while dealing with Mrs. GloomyworthI would assign her the role of setting the table and cleaning up. Shewill have plenty of time to do her tasks and have the place neatbefore the items being prepared are ready. She will, therefore, needto start her activities early

Rolefor Mrs. Finagle

Iwould use the delegate approach on Mrs. Finagle. Her tasks will be topass around any supplies that may be needed during the process, andthis will suit her profile because she does not like to work, andwill, therefore, require light duties

Rolefor Ms. Jitterbug

Iwould use a profiling approach while assigning Ms. Jitterbug herrole. She will be in charge of preparing the recipe needed for bakingas well as mixing them. As a result, she will not have enoughopportunity to push through any of unrealistic suggestions that shemay have. This activity may also accord her the opportunity toconcentrate.

Rolefor Mrs. Wisenheimer

Iwould apply the motivating approach on Mrs. Wisenheimer. As such, Ishall accord her the task of baking the Angel pie on the pan giventhe fact that she is very capable. Also, the fact that she does notlike to share will provide the right opportunity for her to do thetask alone.

Myrole as therapist

Myrole as the therapist would be to profile the clients by theirdemeanor with the aim of showing each of them duties that they mayundertake so as to ensure that they cooperate well and work inharmony.

Theclient that I would select as leader for this group

Iwould select Mrs. Wisenheimer to be the leader given the fact thatshe is alert and very capable. She will, therefore, enable the groupto achieve its agenda.

HowI would introduce the activity to the group. What would be the groupgoal?

Iwould introduce the activity to the group through telling them whatthey are baking and the role that each of them will play. The goal ofthe group will be to make an Angel Pie and coffee.

Problemsthat might occur and explain how I would handle them

Thefirst problem could be arguments among the group members, especiallywhere they may feel dissatisfied with the lazy nature of Mrs. Finaglewhich could affect the achievement of their goal. I would handle thisproblem by assigning Mrs. Finagle light duties.

Thesecond problem would be based on the fact that Mrs. Picky may waste alot of time by putting more focus on trivial issues in order to beperfect, I would accord her roles that require less of perfectionism,such as bringing materials needed to the workplace so as to preventthe problem.

Thethird problem would be that of intermittent flow of work as a resultof the nature of Ms. Jitterberg being easily distracted. As a result,I will accord her a role that may provide her the opportunity toavoid distractions, such as passing around items needed for thebaking process.

5.Questionsthat would be useful to encourage discussion and allow for evaluationof the group process

1.What are the strengths of the clients?

2.What are the weaknesses of the clients?

3.Who among the clients can work together, given their characters?

4.Who among the clients may work best when they do their duties alone?

5.Who among the clients may be able to motivate the others?


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