Grand theory and clinical practices

Grandtheory and clinical practices


Grandnursing theories and clinical practices

Nursingtheories form a vital aspect of the nursing practice in describingphenomena, analyzing data, and interpreting patients’ healthcondition[ CITATION Mel12 l 1033 ].Theoretical concepts and nursing theories have a purposeful role inall nursing practices and processes such as planning, evaluating, andprescribing health care.Meleis, (2012) asserts that nursing theories are classified intothree major groups: grand theories, middle-range theories, andsituational-specific. Grand nursing theories are founded on thefusion of experience, research findings, observations, and insights.Middle-range theories have a limited scope as they narrow down to aphenomenon. Situational-specific theories relate to a particularphenomenon in the nursing practice[ CITATION Smi15 l 1033 ].The nursing theories aim at explaining and connecting a particularphenomenon to aid in nursing processes and practices. Theessay concentrates on the grand nursing theory with a specificattention on the human becoming theory.


Thegrand theory further expands into four schools of thoughts thatinclude caring or human becoming, needs, interaction, and outcomes[ CITATION Smi15 l 1033 ].Various clinic practices use the theories mentioned above. Forinstance, nurses provide care through an interactive nursing processin diagnosing and prescribing treatment. The caring theory, likeother theories, addresses a particular phenomenon in gainingknowledge and understanding about the nursing profession. Accordingto the human becoming theory, a nurse transforms into providing carefor patients and focuses on the quality of human life[ CITATION Mel12 l 1033 ].The theory infiltrates more than just interaction into developing apractice of care.


Thecaring theory forms an important facet of the nursing discipline andunderstanding about patients’ needs and goals. Patients’ needsare of paramount importance in health care delivery and nursingpractices. The human becoming theory provides assurance of authenticmedical care[ CITATION Mel12 l 1033 ].Typically, all the nursing theories provide a foundation for a goodtheoretical background to equip nurses with exceptional nursingskills and care.


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