Grand Canyon University 3 Pillars Student`s

GrandCanyon University 3 Pillars

GrandCanyon is among the best business schools in South West. TheUniversity doctrines are based on three pillars which are aimed atpreparing graduates to be business leaders. The three pillars includeservant leadership, entrepreneurship, and ethics. Being that I willsoon graduate from this institution, I will rely on the three pillarsto overcome career challenges and be the best that I can to meet thegreater social good in my organization and within the community.

Myvision and career after school

OnceI complete my Master’s degree, I intend to join the corporate worldas an employee before I can eventually think of coming up with mycompany. This is because I believe that experience is of the greatessence in business. Of course, I will have the necessary documentsand qualification, but it is still essential that one take some timeto understand and relate to the practical aspects of business.Completing my degree will meet the greater social good in myorganization in that, my learning experience will have instilled inmy essential skills such as teamwork, interpersonal and communicationskills and critical thinking. I will use these skills to meet thecompany`s goals and objectives.

Oneof the obstacles in organizations includes issues relating toculture, human resource management and innovation. All these conceptswere covered at Grand Canyon. This working experience will allow meto use my theoretical knowledge for the good of the organization. Forthe community, I understand the essence of corporate governance andother ways through which communities can benefit from bigcorporations. I will use this knowledge to empower community membersto advocate for their rights. Additionally, I will take an activerole in encouraging my organization to initiate projects that areaimed at uplifting the surrounding communities.


GrandCanyon University greatly encourages an entrepreneurial spirit amongits students. Entrepreneurship is all about risk taking after carefulevaluation of the market and the identification of a gap (Bradley andKlein, 2016). At the institution, creativity is also importantbecause it helps entrepreneurs to grow their idea to unique itemsthat can compete with the rest. Other characteristics of anentrepreneur are that they are decisive and accept the consequencesof their choices. In case an idea does not pick up, it becomes alearning experience. It is also important to note that it is notalways guaranteed that one will gain wealth following a uniquediscovery, at times, entrepreneurship is all about buildingrelationships and adding value to the already existing products.Challenges to entrepreneurship include peer pressure, lack of enoughcapital and lack of appropriate role model to provide moral guidance.The Christian mission of Grand Canyon University encourages itsgraduates not to be job seekers but creators.


Justfrom the start of any degree program at the University, students aretaught about the importance of ethics and how it brings sanity inbusiness practices. At the University, ethics entail, the acceptedcode of conduct and those who do not abide by its provisions usuallyface the full wrath of the law. As a student, a potential businessperson and a citizen, one is required to uphold integrity and othervirtues that align to societal expectations. College represents asignificant transition phase, which often results in significantchange and moral development of an individual (McCabe, Trevino &ampButterfield, 1996). Some of the most important ethical principlesthat need to be upheld include honesty, kindness, professionalism,and integrity. An organization or community which is just and doesnot accommodate corruption always attract investors, and this usuallytranslates to economic growth, improvements in the standards ofliving among others. Consequently, unethical society is characterizedby fraud and theft, and this tends to discourage other people fromvisiting or investing in such locations.


EdwardHess in his article for the Washington Post defines servantleadership as a practice which involves putting other people’sinterest before oneself (Hess, 2016). According to him, servantleadership should be about helping others. At Grand CanyonUniversity, it is emphasized that servant leaders share characterssuch as leading others by example. This is because others will easilyfollow if their leader is on the forefront. Employees deserve to betreated with respect. Additionally, it also emphasizes on thesignificance of humility. It refutes the belief that leaders shouldonly be interested in getting more pay, power, and prestige. As aresult, although servant leaders get good pay, they rarely make thehighest paid CEO. Additionally, servant leadership is all aboutcharacter and how a leader behaves is important because otheremployees look at his behavior and can conclude whether he or she isan honest person.


Froman individual’s perspective, Grand Canyon University is the placeto be if one share similar principles of servant leadership, ethics,and entrepreneurship. Although there are several challenges when itcomes to the actual application of learned concepts in class, withsuch an educational background, I am confident that I will prosperand make real impacts on my organization and the community.


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