Geothermal Power



Environmentalscience is one of my favorite subjects. In this semester, we havecovered various types of energies, their advantages, anddisadvantages. We utilized readings and discussed various topicsconcerning the environment. This week, our primary focus has revolvedaround the issue of geothermal energy. We defined it as the thermalenergy generated and stored beneath the earth’s surface. Itselectricity is produced when natural underground reservoir producessteam to drive turbines that power the generator. It is relativelyclean energy because it comes directly from earth interior and itdoes not involve burning of fossils. Today, there are over twohundred geothermal plants in more than seventy countries. At the endof this topic, I have learned the advantages and disadvantages ofgeothermal energy.

Tostart with, I have learned that geothermal energy is environmentallyfriendly. It involves no combustions, unlike burning of fossilshence, there is a minimal production of carbon dioxide. In fact, itdoes not pollute the environment in all its production aspects anduse. Besides, during its production, it cleans out sulfur from otherprocesses. Geothermal energy is a renewable and reliable power. It ispossible to produce it in 24 hours a day, unlike the wind and solarenergies in which their production depends on natural variations.Additionally, it is a continuous power source of clean energy. It isnearly impossible to exhaust its resources because reservoirs arenaturally replenished, and it will be accessible as long as the earthexists.

Someof the disadvantages of geothermal that I have learned are that itsinitial cost of installing a thermal plant is very high. To retrievesteam from the core of the earth requires an enormous one-timeinvestment. Also, skilled staffs and a certified installer need to berecruited to the plant location. In some few cases, a geothermal sitemay produce harmful and toxic gasses through the holes drilled intothe earth.

Basedon the above argument, I feel that although geothermal energy is notperfect, its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. This is becauseit is renewable, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy.