Exploringthe universe can be one of the life`s greatest achievements.Nonetheless, among all life pleasures, mountain climbing can bethrilling and rewarding. It is among those experiences I refer to aslife changing. Mountain climbing takes different forms, but I candescribe hiking on Mt Everest, an experience I had during myvacation. Mountain climbing is both demanding and challenging. Itinvolves risk-taking, danger, and hardships. My experience on thismountain was breath-taking. Furthermore, it was so captivating that Ihad no chance to listen to the throbbing pain of my muscles and nursemy wounds. To many it mountain climbing is a passion, but to me, itcould be a compulsion. The kind of adventure I had was frightening,the ropes tied around my waist provided a false sense of security andI had all the time to figure out what would happen if there werehiccups. All in all, it is an adventure that all geographers have aparticular interest on.

Everyday, the universe surprises the human race with puzzles that are hardto solve. It is the curiosity to study the nature of the world thatforms a foundation of all academic disciplines. has servedto satisfy the inquisitiveness about the physical properties of earthand beyond. It also focuses analyzing how human cultures interact andrelate with the natural universe. Three perspectives of geographyneed to be put under consideration to understand its real meaning.One is geography`s ways of looking at the world. Second is thegeography’s domain of synthesis and lastly is spatialrepresentation. Put together they define the term geography(Valentine, 2011). From the research, it can be concluded that havinga single experience cannot describe geography. is moretranscendent than the human thought in fact, none of my experiencescan fit to be &quotgeographical.&quot


Valentine,G. (2011). Keyconcepts in geography.London: SAGE Publications.