Contradictionsin Chapter One and Two

  • In chapter two, God completed creation work on the seventh day and rested (Gen. 2:2) while in chapter one, He completed on the sixth day (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2015).

  • In chapter two, there was no vegetation as God had not sent rain upon the earth (Gen.2:5) but in chapter one, on the third day, He created vegetation (Gen.1:11)

  • God formed man out of dust in chapter two (Gen 2:7), but in chapter one, He created man in his own image (Gen1:27)

  • There is no mention of the Garden of Eden in chapter one while in chapter two, God formed Garden of Eden (Gen 2:8)

  • In chapter one, God created both man and woman by word of mouth, but in chapter two He created man first then the woman from man’s rib to be his helper (Gen 2:22).

  • In chapter one, God created animals and birds before he created man but in the second chapter, He created man first followed by animals and birds (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2015).

  • In chapter one, God gives man authority to have dominion over all other creatures while in chapter two, He give man the authority to name every living creature.

  • God gave man every tree that has seed-bearing fruit to be his food (Gen 1:29), but in chapter two, man was supposed to eat from any of the trees apart from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Gen 2:16-17)

  • In chapter one, there are details of every day of creation, but in the second chapter, there is no order of creation.

Thecontradictions in the two chapters of are as a result on theelaboration that chapter two makes on creation. Chapter one simplystates the list of what was created and on which day, while chaptertwo gives details on the process of creation.


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