Gender roles displayed in advertising


Genderroles displayed in advertising


Themedia plays a crucial role in the creation of social norms such asgender roles through the various media forms by reinforcing what thesociety teaches about the norms. The existence of these norms isattributed to the fact that the society chooses to accept them. Thispaper is a discussion about the gender roles evident throughadvertising over the years.

Genderroles displayed through advertising

Advertisementsplay a crucial role in teaching and sustaining gender roles to allgenerations. Even in a product that could be termed as neutral,advertisements have a way of sending messages differently to boys andgirls (Matthes Et al., 2016). Through these messages, the media giveslessons on the manner through which to identify between a male and afemale and have an idea on what to do and how to act.

Overthe years, advertising has been a reflection of the happenings in thesociety and thus acts a reinforcement on what a particular gendershould or should not engage in. The advertisements also have thepower to cause social stigma for the group that behaves contrary tothe teachings of gender roles. The adverts create a notion that whenmen and women do not act according to the set stereotypes, theybecome lesser man or woman (Matthes Et al., 2016).

Throughthe years, people have identified the gender roles evident inadvertising as baseless with adoptions to change the way the societyviews them (Matthes Et., 2016). Although the advertisements stillportray traditional stereotypes, people are slowly but steadilydetaching from the stereotypes. There is a blending of thetraditional stereotypes initially meant separately for men and womento come up with more gender-neutral roles. These changes are intendedto create a new society deemed as normal for the society. Theadvertisements are slowly displaying a shift in culture whichpromotes more equality between the two sexes.


Genderroles and stereotyping existed in the past and is still evident inthe current age. The advertisement has been a crucial way ofreinforcing these gender roles. However, with time people havelearned that the defining of the gender roles is baseless, thusmaking a change in their thinking. Because of the role of advertisingin gender role reinforcement, the advertisement is also slowlyshifting to promote neutrality in the gender roles.


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